To many, Memorial Day is just a three day weekend. But it’s much more than that. This holiday is a time to pause and pay respect in remembrance of those who died serving in our nation’s military.

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This holiday began after the Civil War to remember and honor the Union and Confederate soldiers who perished. Its original name is Decoration Day.

After World War II, Memorial Day celebrations grew in popularity. Additionally, it became part of our nation’s official identity in 1968. Congress instituted the Uniform Holiday Act during this time.

Although serious in nature, it is also a time of celebration. We remember our fallen soldiers and celebrate the legacy of freedom they’ve left us.

3 ways to celebrate Memorial Day with your mobile home community

There are numerous ways people can celebrate Memorial Day. Community celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to build friendships. Moreover, this builds a stronger bond among mobile home park residents.

It’s important to remember that Memorial Day brings together all Americans and lovers of America. For it is a day where we remember the lives that lost in the defense of the freedoms enjoyed even now on American soil.

As you implement one or more of these ideas this upcoming Memorial Day, remember to pause for reflection. Certainly, you should remind your residents of those in uniform who have made great sacrifices of life. Bear in mind that it’s their sacrifice that made America what it is today.

#1 Memorial Day pool party

To start things off, do you have a community center with a pool? A Memorial Day pool party can be a fun way to start off the summer and celebrate the weekend. Of course, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Instead, you can provide the punch and invite residents to bring sweet treats and finger foods. Keep it simple or make it as complicated as you’d like.

Putting up some flag decorations around your pool fence are some of the other things you can do to keep things festive. Maybe you have a nice shaded area for a band to set up and provide live music. Give them an idea of what songs you’d like played – there are a host of patriotic songs ideal for Memorial Day celebrations.

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#2 Memorial Day block party

If you’re looking for a fun way to include people of all ages in the celebrating, a block party can be much fun.

Block parties are typically celebrations held in a blocked-off section of a neighborhood road. The party should be held here.

At a Memorial Day block party, you have a variety of opportunities to get the whole community involved with the celebration. For those who are more artistically inclined, you can invite community members to do a patriotic-themed face painting. This is great for the kiddos. Try to incorporate craft workshops too.

In addition to this, you can invite your residents to participate in a potluck cookout. You may ask a local business to sponsor the hotdogs. Perhaps have everyone bring a whole package plus a side or dessert representative of each household. Nonetheless, this is a great way to come together and share the blessings of abundance in freedom.

Kids and adults can be easily entertained by live music, contests, and games as a contribution to this day.

If you have residents or any visitors present who have served our nation, we would also like to suggest that you have a moment to recognize them. In fact, this is a wonderful way to show gratitude for their sacrifice.

An additional note of advice: check with city hall about any permits required to section off part of your road.

#3 Observe the National Moment of Remembrance

The National Moment of Remembrance became a national a national event in 2000. It is highly encouraged that Americans pause at 3 p.m. each year, on Memorial Day, for one minute.

It’s important to realize that this is a moment of silence “to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all.”

Additionally, your park can participate by playing “Taps” on speakers. By all means, send residents a notice the day before as a friendly reminder of this national moment.

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Taps is a bugle call usually performed during flag ceremonies and funerals. In general, the military has it played by a long bugle or trumpet. It is a song of honor, used to pay respects to the flag or a soldier at his funeral.

Bonus: Memorial Day Parade

In addition to other festivities, for a Memorial Day parade, surrounding communities and schools can team up. Talk to your local government about restrictions and regulations for such an event.

Host the parade in a public venue and share it with the rest of your town. Invite various groups to participate by contributing floats or performances to the parade. In general, you should keep a festive patriotic theme in mind.

Celebrate with gratitude 

In closing, whatever you choose to do with your mobile home community, we hope it is memorable and worthy of such an important day.

Don’t forget to post your or any event plans on your mobile home community announcements board.

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