It’s exciting to think that with the variety of design plans available, you’ll find a home that more than adequately caters to any potential buyer. Regardless of the season of life you find yourself in, there’s a manufactured home out there that will supply the perfect housing situation. With some pertinent data on hand, we’ll help you figure out what to look for in manufactured home dimensions.

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Manufactured home dimensions

But before we press on to manufactured home dimensions, we have some thoughts for those who are still sitting on the fence about this type of housing.

Four key points to remember

Here we will look at four key points to remember if you’re unsure about this mobile home concept. Quality, efficiency, affordability, and customizability.


Without a doubt, the HUD code of 1976 changed the way mobile home manufacturers built these homes. Gone are the days of haplessly thrown together construction. HUD construction standards hold manufacturers to a higher and safer building standard. This makes their process and their choice of material more durable.


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Because of higher quality in construction, these homes are more energy efficient than their pre-HUD code versions. This is a big plus in providing homeowners with long-term money-saving dwellings. Energy efficiency can cut back energy waste, thus mitigating unnecessary spending on your power bill. Who doesn’t love to save money?


Thanks to fine-tuned construction techniques and other factors, you can get more floor space in a manufactured home for what you would spend on a stick built home. Case in point: according to the national average cost of a home, a stick built home comes out to $125 per square foot.

On the other hand, a good mobile home can run for about $35 per square foot. The point here is that you don’t have to save money at the expense of your family’s comfort and safety. A mobile home can provide great shelter and comfortable living space a fraction of the cost involved in on-site construction.

Next, we have the fourth key point. And that’s where the subject of this article comes into play.


Beyond the above points that already provide some great value, you also have great flexibility in customizing your home. One of those is mobile home dimensions.

Mobile home dimensions are divided into three major categories. These categories are single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide.

Single-wide manufactured home

Ranging from 600 to 1,330 square feet, single-wide manufactured homes are comparably a breeze to move. They are constructed into one moveable structure for transportation.

If you’re a single or couple, a single-wide mobile home may be just your size. It can be as small as the Micro (a 437 square foot manufactured home, 14’x32’), suitable for embracing that minimalist, tiny house life.

Or, it can be twice the size, like the Santa Fe’s 1,116 square foot floor plan (16’x72’). This affords you a little more breathing room for hosting guests or room to enjoy for hobby and office space.

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Double-wide manufactured home

Now here’s where you start to get more variety in floor plan designs. A double-wide comes to your site in two pieces because it is twice the size of a single-wide. These double-wides can range from 1056 square feet to around 2,072 square feet.

If you’re a family or looking to have a family in the future, a double-wide is definitely the way to go. You’ll be assured of more than one bathroom and plenty of space for family members to find some alone time or have friends over.

Keep in mind, if you’re wanting to have features such as a mudroom, foyer, or entertainment room melded into your home’s layout, looking for double-wide layouts is going to be the right direction to push towards.

If you’re planning with the future family growth in mind, a double-wide is a win. However, if you’re already there and you’re finding yourself at the helm of a large family, we’ll suggest the next option.

Triple-wide manufactured home

Lastly, here we have the king of manufactured home dimensions. As the name suggests, these homes are constructed and transported in three or more sections. That’s a goliath of a house right there with the averages sizes ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. For larger families, these homes are the perfect option as they can hold five bedrooms and three bathrooms in these floor plans.

Find the right size home to fit your needs

There it is, a brief overview of manufactured home dimensions and how they’ll fit your needs. Before you start shopping, take a moment to read important things you should know about buying or renting a mobile home.

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