To keep the inner-workings of your park going like clock-work, you need people.

“Well, that’s a given,” you may laugh.

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But don’t take that thought for granted. You not only need people, but you also need the right people. Each individual should be carefully hand-picked. In this manner, they will fulfill the various management team roles for your mobile home park.

It takes teamwork to keep a mobile home park running smoothly amid the hubbub of everyday life. Things break or require regular upkeep, people don’t get along, communication needs to take place — it’s all in a day’s work at a mobile home park.

To ensure that it happens in an appropriate and efficient manner, you need quality team members to fulfill various management roles.

5 Management team roles you need to have in your mobile home park

But what are those management team roles and why are they important? We’re glad you asked. We’re going to spend the rest of the article breaking down each role and laying out each role’s purpose.

#1 – Park manager

Of all the management team roles, this one is the most vital. Keep in mind, we’re not saying it’s the only vital role in keeping the park going. But it does have its critical place in the daily life of your park.

The park manager is responsible for overseeing the park’s management team, day-to-day activities, repairs, and tenant complaints. For example, if the park needs power, the manager is responsible for ensuring the power company comes on site to get it fixed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the park manager gets directly involved in each aspect or situation of the park’s life. But it does mean that the park manager is responsible for seeing that it gets done — whether that means he or she does it or ensures someone else does.

#2 – Assistant manager

In the role of an assistant manager, you’ll find a person who is able to step in when the manager is out. The assistant manager is capable of seeing that things get done, pushing the manager’s vision for the park.

He or she will have the skills to help the manager keep everything in order.

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#3 – Maintenance manager

Another important role for a mobile home park is the maintenance manager. The maintenance manager is responsible to deal with the property of the mobile home park. He or she sees that the electrical or plumbing infrastructure of the park continues to function. Furthermore, if the park owns any of the homes, the maintenance manager will make necessary repairs and ensure the homes are ready for the next tenant.

#4 – Landscape manager

If your park is small, the maintenance manager could tackle the landscaping. But if the operation you run is bigger, then you need a landscape manager. That is, if you want your park to look good.

The landscape manager is responsible for the park’s landscaping. He or she keeps the grass trimmed, the shrubs tamed, and the flowers blooming according to the season.

Your landscape and maintenance managers will keep your park from looking disheveled and unwelcoming.

#5 – Off-site manager

Now let’s talk about the off-site manager. The off-site manager comes into play when you’re running a large mobile home park or multiple mobile home parks. While the off-site manager is outside the mix of the internal affairs of the park, he or she is watching to see that it all gets done. The off-site manager provides accountability and is able to see the big picture with more clarity.

Additional team members

If you are operating a large mobile home park or several mobile home parks, your management team will require additional team members under their supervision. There’s just no way a handful can promptly and adequately keep things running smoothly without enough hands on deck.

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By giving your management team the manpower needed to get their work done, your mobile home park will be a safe place for tenants to live and thrive with their families.

Communication helps

As you help your management team work together, consider the integration of technology to keep everyone on the same page. Technology can streamline communication between team members, staff, and tenants.

Additionally, good communication can contribute to mitigating stress. As you work with your different management team roles, remember to help them cope with stress if things seem to be out of hand.

Even the best team members have their moments where they feel weighed down by the enormity of their task list and projects.

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