From the kitchen to the bedrooms, it’s paramount that your home is kid-friendly if your mobile home is a haven for the children in your life. Parenting isn’t about you. It’s about serving your kid with an enriching life. And we’re not talking about a life that is padded and pampered — you want your kid to explore the world around him or her. You want your child to learn the value of serving others. But you don’t want to be reckless and careless about it, that is certain.

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So to help you on your journey toward developing a kid-friendly home, here are a few ideas.

5 kid-friendly spaces you’ll want to have in your mobile home

These ideas keep the littlest ones safe while providing a world of creativity and exploration within appropriate parameters. We’d like to see every space in your home reflect a kid-friendly approach in some way or another. But this doesn’t mean you have to copy what we’ve listed here.

Some families may wish to restrict the kids from accessing the office space, for example. Every family is unique. Only you know what works best for your family’s unique dynamics. The point is, you’ll have an idea on how to get started through our list below.

1 – Office

Perhaps mom or dad works at home. That could mean that no one’s allowed in mom or dad’s office, or it could be an opportunity to teach entrepreneurship to the kiddos. You could set hard rules about what goes on in the office space: quiet work.

Oftentimes, the little ones love to emulate mommy or daddy. Setting up a mini child’s desk in the corner of your office space could be a privileged nook for your child. You could use it to help your child understand the importance of focus and work. If they’re willing to abide by the office rules, they gain the opportunity to sit at their desk just like mommy or daddy does. As your child grows, you may even wish to help him or her learn some bits of your trade.

For example, a graphic designer may, later on, set their child up with a tablet for drawing. This kid-friendly space could become an endearing memory later on in life.

2 – Living room

Now let’s talk about that living room space. Easy to clean furniture is a must. We suggest dark colored furniture like couches so as to make spills and marks less visible. Big beans bags are also fun for the kiddos. You can store these in the closet when not in use.

Additionally, keep parental controls on your streaming service. This will ensure the kiddos are safe from exposure to inappropriate material.

Living room with television

An ottoman with removable tops for storage is also a must. Believe us. You’ll be glad to have a place to store their games and toys. These storage containers double up as a piece of furniture to sit on or prop up your feet. Dual purpose is always a big win in our book.

3 – Bathroom

For the bathroom, keep a step stool handy so those little hands can reach the faucet. And you know the drill — bright colors and a fun theme. You can go all out on the bathroom and no one will judge you. Make it as fun as you can with personalized hanging apple crates for your kiddos to store their toothbrush and bathtub toys.

4 – Kitchen

In the kitchen, think about having a stool handy. And let the littles play! As we discussed in the section about your home office, children love to emulate. Keep a drawer filled with toy pots and kitchen items for your child to “pretend cook” with as you prepare meals. If you want to go all out, a play kitchen would be super fun!

5 – Bedroom

Additionally, you also have the bedroom to think about. How do you make that kid-friendly? Bright colors, cushions, and an art station could be just the thing! Put together a bookshelf in your child’s room, fill it with good books and cultivate the life of a little bookworm. A “treasure chest” for toys is also a must.

A nursery bedroom

Keep your home kid-friendly

Other must-do tasks to keep a kid-friendly home include making it a point to have parental controls on your wifi and covering your outlets so curious kiddos don’t get zapped. Keep hunting or fishing equipment away from your child’s reach. Add some safety latches to your mobile home cabinets and drawers if you have curious toddlers.

These are just some extra ideas to keep your home safe for the little ones as they explore the world around them.

Have you thought about making your mobile home eco-friendly? We have some ideas for that too. An eco-friendly home benefits your family and the world around you!

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