Children are truly an important demographic of any community. We’re delighted that you would want to celebrate International Children’s Day in your kid-friendly community.

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In children, we see the potential future as we raise and teach them to carry on the work of previous generations. By all means, we are to cherish, protect, and care for them in a safe manner.

This holiday serves as a platform towards raising awareness on some issues surrounding children. Those involved in lobbying for the protection and benefit of children believe that society should do it’s very best for each child.

Celebrate International Children’s Day in your kid-friendly community

The origins of International Children’s Day date back to 1856 when a church in New England held a special service honoring children. As it began in a small setting, it is only fitting that you’re interested in celebrating the day in your mobile home park.

On the second Sunday of each June, the United States celebrates International Children’s Day.

So with that in mind, this is good timing to start thinking of ways your kid-friendly community can raise awareness.

Host a fun fundraising event

Here’s an idea. Identify one or more organizations that are working to protect and help children in your own community or across the globe. Invite these organizations to join you in celebrating International Children’s Day at your park.

As the event organizer consider how you would like to fundraise this event. For example, you could set it up as a race where members of the community who wish to run must seek out sponsorship from friends and family.

Also, you could set up games and fun raffles. Make the day a big to do with freebies for your community and opportunities for them to donate to the cause.

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Invite live musicians and guest speakers who have a heart for the well being of children.

Be creative and don’t be shy about inviting your community to assist in planning. It’s been said that many hands make light work.

Educate your community

Perhaps you just don’t have the funds to invest in hosting a fundraising event. That’s OK, there is more than one way to celebrate International Children’s Day.

In any case, you may still capitalize on the opportunity to reach out to your residents with information.

First, pull together any brochures or flyers an organization you stand behind. Send the printed material to your community along with a letter explaining why you think they should care about the organization.

Another thing you can do to take this idea a step further is host an information seminar. Organizations such as CASA are out to protect children  – they are always looking for opportunities to share their cause with any audience. You will do your community a favor by letting them know what local organizations are doing and what are some ways of getting involved.

Although it may take some time on your part to pull something like that together, it is well worth the effort.

Block party

Simply hosting a kid-friendly block party is a fun a way to celebrate the life of children. There are a million directions you can run with this idea.

You can set it up as a potluck, inviting each household to bring a main dish and a dessert or side. Prior to the event, put out a message inviting community members to participate in hosting the event. Some adults may have a knack for face painting while others may enjoy hosting games for the kids. Find out who could do what and then send out an invitation with the details of the event.

Normally, one can host a block party on a section of the road in the neighborhood. Keep in mind that you may need to get in touch with your local civil government. Additionally, check out the requirements for permits before you get too far into party planning. Unfortunately, you could be subject to a fine if your locale has specific rules about hosting a block party.

Summer camp for child safety

Lastly, another idea is hosting a summer camp with an emphasis on teaching child safety. Invite parents to attend with their children for helpful discussion.

You can ask your local law enforcement to participate in your event. Your camp can be an event with sessions spanning across one day or more.

In tactful ways, you can teach children to be aware of their surroundings, how to communicate with mom and dad if they’re in an uncomfortable situation, and how to get help.

Kids riding four wheelers safely in front of an RV

Such a camp can be a great bonding moment for parents and children alike.

Celebrate with appreciation

In closing, International Children’s Day is an important part of any calendar. We must value our children and teach them well. Raising awareness on issues surrounding their well-being and protection is important. Are you searching for a family-friendly mobile home park? Here’s what to look for.

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