While Independence Day happenings are something to look for, they can trigger much grief if safety is not taken into account.

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If you and your residents take precautions into account, Independence Day can be a fun-filled day of memories to cherish. Heritage is important and it’s thrilling that your park is going to celebrating that.

Tips for a safe and happy Independence Day festivities

What dangers come to mind when you think of Independence Day safety? Fireworks? Yes, fireworks are a legitimate concern, but that’s not the only threat to your mobile home park residents. In addition to fireworks, there are other common hazards we’ll pinpoint and share tips for everyone’s benefit.

Safety in fireworks

What’s Independence Day without fireworks, right? The big explosions of color in the sky are a feast for anyone’s eyes. Without a doubt, it’s a grand spectacle in the sky enjoyed by most American communities.

There are many guidelines put forth by the American Red Cross Association. We’ll be summarizing these guidelines, but for a more detailed look, check out their site.

At a minimum, keep all persons at a 500 feet distance from the fireworks. Fireworks should never be allowed in the possession of small children. And they should definitely be stored in a cool, dry place away from child or pet access.

In the case of a disaster, keep water nearby. Eye protection is a must for the person who is handling the fireworks.

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Additionally, the best way to dispose of fireworks is by keeping a bucket of water handy. In this bucket, you’ll be placing dead or dud fireworks to soak up the water. Once you’re done with the fun, pull the fireworks out and wrap them in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will keep the fireworks moist. Now you can take it to the dump and let them know you have fireworks to dispose of.

Safety in grilling

For most Americans, grilling is a given on Independence Day. The smell of meat sizzling over coals or propane heat permeates the air. Unfortunately, every year there are incidents of injuries related to grilling. It’s another way your festivities can go from happy to sober, in an instant.

To be sure, there are some things you can take into account for grilling safety. Never leave the grill unattended, and never let your pets and children near it. Long-handled grilling utensils will give you a healthy distance from the flames and heat of the cookout.

Also, keeping your grill a safe distance from your mobile home, tree branches, and any other fire fuel is a good idea.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy. You never know when things might get a little out of hand.

By taking these tips into account, you can help mitigate any potential grilling disasters.

Safety in sun exposure

Although the warmth of summer can pave the way for fun and thrills, it could come at a price. Too much sun exposure can bring on heat stroke and nasty sunburns.

Our advice? Wear hats, lather up on sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and repeat. Keep an eye on your kids as sometimes they’ll get so focused on the play they won’t stop to cool down until things have gotten out of hand. Set up lawn chairs and games in a shady area, and remind the kiddos to drink water.

Safety in your child’s whereabouts

Amidst all the fun and excitement, it could be easy to lose track of your child’s whereabouts. It only takes a brief moment in time for your child to go from visible to missing. If the mobile home park is hosting a community 4th of July gathering, parents should take precautions for child safety. While your mobile home community may be safe, one cannot be too careful.

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If you’re a parent, you would do well to take a photo of your child before the event. This way, you’ll know what clothes they were wearing if you get separated. You may also write your number on their arm and cover it with a liquid band-aid so it doesn’t wash off.

Enjoy the celebration but don’t forget to be careful!

There are many reasons to be cautious on Independence Day, but you don’t need to be overly concerned. Enjoy the day, but take precautionary measures seriously. We suggest sharing this information with your mobile home community members. This will help them make the day safer and happier for the whole community.

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