Communication is important in any relationship — especially in a community setting where you have various relationships at work. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that we place a premium on communication.

At best, communication can make relationships stronger. At its worst, communication (or lack thereof can break even the closest of relationships.)

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That’s why we want to help you improve communication with your residents. It’s a basic part of human interaction but it’s so often neglected. If you could streamline and improve the communication process between you and your residents, why wouldn’t you?

Communication doesn’t have to be painful.

9 Ways to improve communication with your residents

To put it another way, communication is the key to cultivating the best in relationships. Let’s face it — people are imperfect. Whether business, platonic or romantic, things will get a little bumpy along the way.

But what if you could improve your ability to navigate (or even mitigate) those bumpy moments? That’s where these nine tips or hacks come into play.

1 – Be a good listener

To improve communication, the first thing you can do is practice your listening skills. Being a good listener is foundational to communication. If you’re not hearing the other party, how can you expect them to feel cared for? How can you expect them to feel that you’re going to help them with their problems?

Be intentional about listening when your residents speak.

2 – Be the example of a good communicator

Before you can expect your staff or residents to be good communicators, you have to be the example. Yes, you. Take communication seriously and your staff will see the importance and follow suit when you share communication tips with them.

By your example, they’ll know you practice what you preach.

3 – Plan community events

In an effort to improve communication with your residents, you must actually know or get to know your residents. Create opportunities for your community to come together and get to know each other. Seasonal parties and fun events like concerts or craft projects will bring people together.

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4 – Neighborhood watch group

Another way to improve communication is to encourage a Neighborhood Watch Program. Certainly, you’ll find a resident who is interested in spearheading the program. It will cultivate a spirit of community amongst tenants and management. The park isn’t just an investment, it’s a home for many and it should be cared for.

5 – Promptly respond to your residents

There’s nothing more aggravating to anyone seeking help than receiving a delayed response. Or no response at all. If you’re going to be in the business of mobile home park management, show that you care by replying to your residents.

6 – Community magazine

A mobile home park magazine is another way to get on the bandwagon to improve communication. You can invite residents to submit helpful articles and keep everyone in the loop in a fun, engaging way.

7 – Pull together a safety plan today

To keep communication running smoothly in the event of an emergency, pull together a safety plan for evacuation. And don’t delay. Communication may prove impossible in the event of an emergency.

When an evacuation comes into play, chaos is already at work. You can keep your residents safe by informing them of a plan before disaster strikes.

8 – Leverage the power of tech through apps

Now how about making communication easy and streamlined? You can do that through the power of tech. There are numerous apps available for communication between management and tenants. Make things easy for your residents with features like auto-pay and repair requests.

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It’ll also make communication easy between your management team as they seek to resolve any issues or complaints.

9 – Community board

There’s something community-bonding about a community announcements board. It’s a place where members of the community can post and share any upcoming events or announcements with their fellow residents.

With a community board, you have a fun, old-school way to stay connected.

Take it one day at a time

As you improve communication, remember to take it one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your communication won’t improve overnight. It takes time to build trust and practice good communication habits. It will also take time to implement some key strategies that will cultivate communication.

In the event that conflict arises, remember it’s your responsibility to keep a unified and well-run park. Engaging with residents and solving problems is part of your job description. Do it well and do it with an extra helping of patience.

So here’s to communicating! We wish you the best!

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