Today we’re going to take a look at another type of mobile home park community, one that puts a whole new meaning on manufactured home living. In fact, you may need to roll out the red carpet if you choose to invest in this kind of park. Luxury mobile home parks are high-end investments if you can get the right location.

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Many of these mobile home parks are located beachfront or lakeside and offer their residents the opportunity to live on prime real estate at an “affordable” price. Or at least, more affordable than most properties in Malibu, CA or Aspen, CO. Luxury mobile homes in Malibu range from 600,000 to over $1 million. For many occupants, these mobile homes are second houses or vacation homes that they’ve customized to meet their luxurious style.

So what does a park need to meet the glamorous expectations of their residents?

Attractive facilities

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Not all high-end mobile home parks have over-the-top facilities. But the facilities that are available should be well-maintained. A large clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, and basketball court are a few of the basics you’ll expect to find. Additional attractions include bingo, horseshoes, a game room, theater, lounge, and children’s activities.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure your park is well-groomed and cared for too. Make sure trash is taken care of, and landscaping is looked after. Offering these services to your residents will go a long way, especially for those who aren’t year-round.


Since most are occupying these parks for some rest and relaxation, they expect accessibility and convenience. For starters, accessibility to the park manager is a must. Residents want to know that someone is available to handle their problems, which means they need to know who to contact and how to reach them. Next, make sure necessary amenities, as well as options for recreation and entertainment, are accessible. Consider offering shuttles to nearby malls and make beach/lakefront access easy to find.


A gated-community with CCTV monitoring is the minimum to be expected. You have $1 million+ houses in your park, so you don’t want to go light on security. Residents will be able to rest easier if they know their homes are looked after in their absence.


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While you’ll find that some residents enjoy being part of a community, most snow-birds will appreciate some space. Depending on which mobile home park you own, you may even have a few celebrity figures who want to keep a low-profile. Develop lots that give a sense of privacy. And make it easy for residents to come and go. Don’t forget to set-up an online system to collect payments so tenants can keep paying you when they return to their other homes.

Ready to invest in luxury mobile home parks?

Luxury mobile home parks are a unique opportunity for both tenants and owners. If 55+ communities or family-friendly parks weren’t your style, then perhaps you need something a bit more glamorous. If you want to see some of these luxury mobile homes for yourself, here are a few sites to peruse:

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