Simply put, a title is a legal document stating you have rights to something.

In today’s topic of discussion, a title is a legal document representing the right you have to your mobile home. It’s your property and it’s yours to do as you please. Because it’s legally yours, you have the right to do things like modifying the home or transfer that ownership to someone else.

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But things can get a little tricky if times comes to sell and you can’t find your mobile home’s title. Like we’ve established, these titles establish proof of ownership. You can’t simply just up and sell your home without it.

So that’s what we’re dealing with today – how to sell a mobile home without a title.

How to sell a mobile home without a title

Things get lost, people make mistakes. So don’t feel too down and out about misplacing your title. We’ll shed some light on how to sell a mobile home without a title as it is a possibility.

The purpose of titles

Titles are important because that’s what you need in most states to transfer a mobile home from seller to buyer.

Unfortunately, a Bill of Sale is not enough to prove that you’re the new owner. If that’s all you have, the previous owner can come claim the mobile home at whim. This is why straightening this problem out is important.

What a title includes 

Interestingly, you may have more than one title for your mobile home. In the case of a single-wide, you would only have one title. But for a double-wide, you have two titles involved – one for each part. And for a triple-wide, you also get more than two titles. Each title will account for each section of your mobile home.

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These titles are given out by the state where the mobile home is manufactured and installed.

Within the title, you’ll find important information such as the mobile home’s VIN number (vehicle identification number) and mobile home serial numbers. You’ll also find the manufacturer information, model, the year it was built in, and more. The current owner’s name will also be inscribed on this title.

Due to the important nature of this document, a mobile home owner should keep it in a safe location.

As long as your mobile home title is handy and clear, transferring ownership from seller to buyer should be simple and straightforward.

Different ways to make that sale happen

If you are the owner that is listed on the lost title, then you’ve got it really easy. All you have to do is call your local mobile home title agency. They’ll walk you through the process to acquire a new title.

Be prepared to provide evidence that you are the owner of the mobile home. There will likely be a fee involved once all is said and done, but the process itself isn’t going to be too difficult.

However, if you are not the original owner and he or she neglected to transfer ownership to you, you’re in a bit of a predicament. You are not legally the owner despite the agreement between buyer and seller. The deal is not truly sealed until the ownership is legally transferred.

The best way to deal with this predicament is by finding out if the previous owner is still around. Find them, and reach out to them as soon as possible.

If you find them, take heart. They’ll more than likely work with you to get this straightened out. Otherwise, they are still responsible for the property in the eyes of the government.

A little extra help may be needed sometimes

You may need to hire a detective to find the previous owner if you’re unsuccessful in locating them yourself.

If you find that the previous owner died – the current owner in the eyes of the state – then you’ll need contact with certain people. If you know the owner’s power of attorney, immediate family, or have access to a death certificate then you should have no problem. With these contacts and by filling out forms from your state, you should have your title in no time at all.

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Should you find that you do not have any of the contacts listed above, then you may be in danger of not being able to do anything at all. Contact your state and see what else can be done. But don’t get your hopes up.

If everything fails

Sometimes, you just can’t get all your ducks in a row. If getting a new title is out of the question, then you’re pretty much stuck. You simply can’t sell a mobile home without a title.

Maybe you’re a buyer and your seller worked out the problem of the title. Now you’re wondering if you can get a tax credit on your mobile home purchase. We can help you understand how that works.

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