Now that you’ve figured out your park is going to cater to retirees, how about some tips on how to run a mobile home park for this demographic?

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First, think about what season of life most retirees will find themselves in and what they would benefit from.

Second, consider how you can leverage this knowledge to make your park an appealing place for them.

Tips on how to run a mobile home park for retirees

So today we have a few tips for you that will help you run a better mobile home park for retirees. These tips are going to give your retirees something to talk about. Of course, we mean this in a positive light. This could mean more occupants for you, so it’s a win all around.

Exercise patience

The first tip on our list is the exercise of patience with your park residents. Most of your park residents are well into their 60s and their ways are set. They’ve lived life, they know what they like and don’t like.

Retirees came to your park to live out the last leg of their journey with peace. So why not make the way better for them by extending an extra helping of patience and understanding? There are ways to get your points across with your residents in a manner that is respectful and caring.

If anything, being friendly and caring towards them will give them a greater respect and desire to help you make their home a better place. Let them know you care.

The act of caring is a great manifesto on how to run a mobile home park.

Host community activities

Elderly men playing a game of chess outdoors

Because these retirees are done with their 9 to 5 job, they have a little more time on their hands for extra activities. Why not leverage that to build rapport with the mobile home park community?

This is a great way to help foster neighborly interaction in your community. And as your park members age, they’ll appreciate the connections made at these community activities. As your members get to know one another, they’ll be better able to watch out for one another.

Take physical disabilities into account

Another thing you can do to care for your demographic is taking physical disabilities into account. Many retirees will be dealing with the side effects of the job they worked at and the full life they lived – maybe an accident, deteriorating health, etc.

Make sure you have some lots that are geared specifically for wheelchair access. Providing an ease of mobility for those dealing with disabilities is important and thoughtful. This will increase your pool of potential park occupants.

Encourage a neighborhood watch group

Next up on your list of tips on how to run a mobile home park is encouraging a neighborhood watch group.

There are numerous benefits that come with a neighborhood watch program. It brings greater awareness to the community. Residents are more aware of surroundings and thus help reduce the opportunities for crime.

Thus, a neighborhood watch deters criminals from making a likely move. Because they know a neighborhood watch program is organized in your neighborhood, they’ll look for an easier target.

Use the community center for classes

In addition to the above tips, how about bringing weekly classes to your community center? You can put a sign-up sheet and collect payments in advance to bring an instructor on premise. Classes can range from painting to yoga and music. Find what classes are likely to gain a general interest among your residents.

By attending these classes, your residents will become better acquainted with their neighbors. It could be the start of some great friendships.

An outdoor yoga class with a group of elderly people

Keep the park clean and safe

How about keeping that mobile home park clean and safe? Debris strewn about can pose a hazard to your residents and ward off the likelihood of future residents. Keep an eye out on bushes that need trimming, threatening tree branches, and potholes that need fixing.

Your residents will love you for your attention to detail for their well-being and happiness.

Make rules that cater to your park’s vision for retirees

In keeping with your mobile home park’s vision to house retirees, it’s imperative that your park rules are in the lease agreement. This will keep the wrong people out of your park and bring the right people to you.

If you’re catering to retirees, you’ll want to put that in the lease. You’re looking for a certain age demographic, so be specific about that. And then branch out into rules that would appeal to most retirees. For example, maybe pets are allowed but they must be under a certain weight.

Caring for the elderly goes beyond money only

In closing, knowing how to run a mobile home park for retirees is rewarding as you serve people who know how to stop and smell the roses. It’s an investment in more than ways than one.

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