As you consider the different types of mobile home parks you may want to invest in, have you looked into luxury-oriented parks? These parks point to the fact that mobile homes continue to break away from the dingy stigma of yesteryears gone by.

These communities are replete with amenities you’d find in a resort as they’re geared towards a higher income demographic. Mobile homes hold value for both low-income and high-income Americans as can be seen in the luxury park trend.

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So let’s take a moment to look at some tips on how to run a mobile home park geared towards luxury tenants. You may find this is the direction you want to take in your mobile home investing ventures.

How to run a mobile home park for luxury tenants

There are key tips on how to run a mobile park that is conducive to this lifestyle and demographic.

Pools are a must

What’s a luxury style mobile home park without a resort style swimming pool? Your park’s pool should be attractive and spacious for your park residents to enjoy. Rather than going off to a public swimming pool, your tenants will expect and appreciate a more private option. Additionally, it adds to the feel of luxuriousness in your community.

A gated community set up

To be sure, a luxury mobile home park is going to require a gated community set up. In fact, this will keep the park safe from outsiders who don’t belong, giving the place a sense of security. It definitely gives off the feel of luxury if the entrance is limited. But this is a significant amenity for a resort-style community.

Professional and beautiful landscaping

The secret in how to run a mobile home park for luxury tenants is in having an eye for resort-style details. This even comes down to the landscaping decisions. In a resort, you’re going to see exceptionally professional and amazing landscape designs. This will be seen in both the structure and choice of greenery.

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If you don’t know where to start on landscaping, there are professionals who are ready to take on the task. A landscaping professional will know how to get the look you need.

Plenty of space for recreation and walking the dog

In your landscaping, you’ll want to give off a vibe of grandeur and luxury. To do this, you can provide your tenants with open spaces of green for recreation and walking the dog. Although you may be tempted to skimp on this so you can fit more mobile homes in your park, believe us when we say it makes a big difference.

A pet-friendly atmosphere

Even the luxury tenant crowd loves their furry companions. Why not cultivate a community that is conducive to pets? Sidewalks, a park, and pet-friendly rules are in order.

Pets don’t have to be a pest to others with the right strategies in place.

Waterfront property

There’s nothing like property that gives you a serene view of the lake or ocean front. Furthermore, it’s soothing and therapeutic as you sip on that glass of wine. Potential tenants looking for that resort-style community will look for waterfront property.

In general, waterfront property is spendy, but your mobile home park will make it affordable. That’s the thing about mobile homes – they make for affordable housing.

A quality community center

Your tenants-to-be are going to be attracted by resort-style amenities. A community center is going to appeal to these homeowners and their families. Such a community center should include space for recreational sports – like a tennis court and basketball court.

Also, this can become an important or the main place for community gatherings of all kinds. Parties, classes, and more can be hosted inside the community center. Such a place should be top-notch to reflect the value of your resort-style mobile home park.

Pristine park grounds

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In the first place, if you have a park, it needs to be well-kept and maintained. This also goes for the rest of your landscaping. You don’t want to slack as visuals are important for keeping with the luxury feel. Invite your community to help you keep tabs on the pristine condition. Dog owners should pick up after their dogs, and litter should not be left lying around.

Rules to keep everyone on board with your park’s vision

In your lease agreement, you should include the rules for your park. This is important so you can enforce and maintain the luxuriousness of your mobile home park. If your tenants are not being responsible for their yards and home, the feel of luxury will easily be broken.

Keep up with the standards that you’re setting

If you’re going for the luxury park, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and how to run a mobile home park of this type. Your tenants will thank you for it.

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