If you’re looking to sell your mobile home park lifestyle to families, then you need to know how to run a mobile home park that’s kid-friendly. Children can make any park a livelier, and more exciting place.

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There are a few things every mobile home park should consider standard if they’re aiming to be kid-friendly. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way towards cultivating a mobile home community that’s appealing to families with children.

Tips on how to run a mobile home park that’s kid-friendly

As you pour over the following tips on how to run a mobile home park that’s kid-friendly, remember that it’s all about community. It’s not just on you to take the park in this direction. You’ll find that your residents will be happy and eager to get on board for cultivating a kid-friendly park life.

Organize a neighborhood watch

To keep things safe for all, especially the children, a neighborhood watch is a must. Neighborhood watch groups were popularized in the 1970s and 1980s. They were made to educate residents on the topic of security and safety in their respective neighborhoods. They were started to set up a system to monitor crime and help law enforcement keep neighborhoods safe.

There are many reasons why a neighborhood watch is important to a kid-friendly community. A neighborhood watch reduces crimes and incidents. This makes for a safer community and improved quality of life for children and their families.

It also brings the community together as members watch out for one another, their property, and children.

In addition to the above perks, a neighborhood watch is an effective and economical approach to reducing crime.

If a criminal knows your community has a neighborhood watch program, they’ll be less likely to hit your area. Instead, they’ll want to find an easier target.

Build a park

Obviously, another imperative for any kid-friendly community is a park. There are various reasons why a park would be good for your mobile home community.

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First of all, it’ll get the kids off the couch and onto their feet. Parks are a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and physical activity. Children can enjoy the health benefits that come with being outside in an enjoyable format.

Second, a park builds community. As residents and their children make use of your park, new relationships are forged as they get to know each other. Your park can also be used for community festivities and activities.

Third, parks are good for the environment. If you have a park with an open grassy area with trees and plants, it’s going to provide some lasting benefits. For example, green space provides air filtration and it combats the heat.

Keep dogs fenced in

Because children are out and about in a kid-friendly mobile home park, it’s best you ask pet-owners to keep their dog in a fenced in yard. This will help curb any dangerous situations that may arise between children and pets.  

Plan family-friendly activities

Nothing says kid-friendly like community activities that center around families and their children. This is something you can host at your community center on a weekly or monthly basis. Summer and holidays are great moments to capitalize on the opportunity for these fun activities as kids are on break.

To begin with, you could host weekly classes on swimming. Work out a deal with a swimming instructor and have parents pre-pay before classes begin. Art classes and summer camps are some other ideas to implement.

Additionally, think about hosting block parties and other fun events periodically.

Keep the park safe and clean

If you care about cultivating a kid-friendly environment, keep your park clean. By keeping a clean park, you’ll have a park that’s safe. You don’t need children tripping on sharp debris and other hazards. Encourage families to pitch in by taking care of their own yards.

Laundromat and mini market

dryers at a laundromat

Now, what mom hasn’t called for last minute trip to the supermarket? There’s always that one ingredient or thing that didn’t make it onto the shopping list earlier that day, but it’s needed now.

And how about laundry? A laundromat could come in handy for those who don’t wish to buy a washer and dryer system.

Reach out to your local city government to see what permits are needed to set up a mini market and laundromat.

Community center

Finally, we’d like to suggest you get a community center into your park. This will create a wonderful venue for kid-friendly events gatherings. If that’s not feasible at this time, consider building a large gazebo by your park.

Pick an option or two and begin!

In closing, we hope these tips are helpful in your endeavors. Now that you know how to run a mobile home park that’s kid-friendly, how about some ideas on what to look for in a kid-friendly mobile home park investment?

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