Now that you’ve identified and purchased a used mobile home, you’re looking at repairing it for rent purposes. That’s a great investment and we hope that you’ll find it’s well worth your time and sweat.

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This can definitely be a rewarding endeavor in more ways than one. As you gear up to get the home ready for tenants, we have a few tips on how to repair a mobile home for rent.

How to repair a mobile home for rent

There are some common repairs you’ll need to deal with. We have a few listed for you and guidelines on how to set about the task.

Thoroughly inspect the mobile home

Before you whip out your tools and run to the home improvement store, the first thing you should do is walk through the interior and around the exterior of the mobile home. Look for signs of plumbing leaks, sheetrock damage or smudged walls, damaged trim, etc.

Clean out the home

Unfortunately, it’s likely the mobile home was left in disarray by the previous tenant or homeowner. So the next thing you’ll want to do is do a general cleanup. Pick up trash, wipe down dirt, clean out gutters, and power wash the outside.

A fresh coat of paint

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Painting is the easiest and fastest way to give any home a freshened up look. Find neutral colors that can work with any style of decor preferences and that brighten up the mobile home.

Check the appliances

It’s common that rentals come with most appliances. But unfortunately, it’s just a given that these things will face a lot of use and thus increase the chances of needing replacement or repair. Test the appliances, take inventory of what needs fixing, and get to work. You can fix these things yourselves or see if it’s worth hiring someone else to repair it. Sometimes replacement is the most economical option.

Water leaks

Look out for water leaks in your roof, walls, and plumbing. Water damage is no joke and can be devastating to wood and drywall. The last thing you want on your hands is an out of control mold problem caused by neglected water leaks. Identify the source of your problem and resolve it promptly.

Toilet repair

When it comes down to how to repair a mobile home for rent, dealing with toilet problems are going to be common. If the parts inside the toilet tank are cheap, they can quickly take a beating and break down.

There is a solution to a toilet that is constantly running and it’s probably the flapper in need of replacement. This is a prevalent problem in cheap plumbing.

The kitchen is what sells the place

A working and aesthetically appealing kitchen is a huge selling point for a renter. Test the appliances, open those cabinets, and check out the floor. Do you have some squeaky cabinets or missing handles? Oil the hinges and get those handles replaced as soon as possible.

Does the faucet need updating? Is the tile broken and cracked?

If you see that the cabinets are in dire need of replacement, it may be time to redo the kitchen.

modern kitchen

You may not need to ditch the carpet

In many cases, you’ll find the carpet has taken a beating. But it may not need replacement. Call in a professional cleaning company and they’ll have those hard to remove stains up in no time at all.

The professional cleaners will also deep clean the germs out of that carpet, giving the air a clean and fresh feel.

Exterior fixes

As stated before, pressure washing the exterior is a big deal. Once you’ve pressure washed it, you’ll be able to better assess what can be done. Common fixes entail rust removal, screw replacement, and painting.

Such repairs can leave a big impact on the potential renter. Remember, the exterior is the first thing your mobile home tenant will see. It will set a precedent for how they feel about the home.

Go the extra mile to make it worth renting!

It’s important that you know how to repair a mobile home before you start. There are lots of little things you can do to save money and make the home appealing to a potential tenant.

Another thing you can do is invite a friend to walk through the home with you and pinpoint eyesores. Maybe stained wood trim makes it look outdated. Well, that’s a simple fix and it will certainly increase the home appeal. Hopefully, that rental lease agreement will be signed soon after you’ve repaired the place.

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