So you’re in the market for a manufactured home, but you’re thinking the mobile home park life is not for you. Owning your very own land is more your thing, and that’s great too.

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With today’s topic, we’ll give you a few thoughts on how to buy a manufactured home and land.

Owning property definitely has great perks

Having your own property comes with numerous benefits. For example, there’s pride of ownership. You can place that manufactured home on your property and be proud of the fact that the land is your very own. There are no special park rules to deal with. Just decent common sense and respect for government regulations.

With lot rent lease, you are subject to the whims of the mobile home park owner (to an extent). In particular, while there are laws and procedures in place to protect tenants, your lease is only good for a certain period of time. Renewal is based on you and the landlord’s mutual willingness to sign again.

Owning your own property empowers you to make your own decisions and be in control of the land underneath your home.

Your own land is something you can pass down to your heirs. That’s another benefit. Additionally, it can be used for recreational purposes with family and grandkids. Hunting, walking, and other outdoor activities are a few of the possibilities that come with land ownership.

How to buy a manufactured home and land

Knowing how to buy a manufactured home and land will make the way smoother in your hunt for the perfect land property.

Buying a manufactured home and land together

If you’re looking to buy a manufactured home and land together, this is probably much more affordable than buying the mobile home and land separately. You don’t have to deal with all the extra expense that comes with placing your home on land.

Land to purchase for a home

You have four different ways to go about finding a mobile home and land package. This will give you a wide pool to search for that dream home setup.

Find a real estate agent

Our first suggestion is to ask a real estate agent for help. Real estate agents are trained to understand what you’re looking for and find the right match. They have access to the largest real estate database and they’re also privy to deals before they hit the market. Ultimately, this can give you a chance to be the first to know about a good home option before anyone else does.

Scour real estate websites

You can take matters into your own hands by sifting through websites like Use their powerful search engines to find manufactured homes that fit your parameters. Moreover, you can search by property size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, price range, and more.

Online and local classifieds

Some homeowners don’t wish to deal with a middleman and prefer to advertise on their own. Online and local classifieds are a great way to get the word out on any manufactured home and land for sale. You’d do well to peruse such sites if you’re in the market for such a housing arrangement.

For sale by owner signs

Try driving around. Yes, we mean it. Get in your car and go for a ride around the countryside. If anything, you’ll enjoy a peaceful drive and fresh air. Hopefully, you’ll come across a home tucked away with property for sale. Lots of people will just prop up a “for sale by owner” sign, especially if they’re not in a big hurry to see the place sold.

Buying a manufactured home and land separately

Buying property and then placing a home on it will come with several extra expenses such as well installation, running power to the house location, permits, regulations, and more. While it may be easier to find land, and then buy a manufactured home to install, be aware that the setup costs can really add up. Finding land with your dream home already installed can be more cost-effective and less hassle.

Getting a loan is easier if you’re planning to buy a manufactured home with land

Yes, that’s right. Buying a manufactured home with land makes it easier for you to get a loan. It’s harder to get one if you’re just buying a mobile home.

home within private property

If the mobile home isn’t permanently installed on land, it’s not considered real property. This means you can’t get a real estate loan. However, if it is installed on a permanent foundation, then your home is considered real estate property.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a loan. It just means your chances of getting a real estate loan is increased.

Consider becoming a property owner

In closing, now you know how to buy a manufactured home and land. And you also know a little bit about how loans and manufactured housing works. If you’re trying to sell your mobile home and land, you should check out our nine-step plan to preparing your home for sale.

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