Over the last several decades, since their inception, manufactured homes have carried a dingy stigma about them. Slowly but surely, the masses are beginning to realize these homes are a viable housing option. You need not be in the dark any longer, either!

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Gone are the days of the dilapidated and rusting mobile home inhabited by owners who could care less about their surroundings. Now say hello to the dawn of a new era of mobile home owners — a trend that’s steadily taking root over the last decade.

House hunters are now realizing just how good are manufactured homes are for housing. Have you?

Just how good are manufactured homes?

Whether you’re a retiree, a family or single, a manufactured home could fit the bill for your next home. Manufactured homes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and various price lines (whether luxury or economical). You can get a single wide or a double wide. If you want something bigger than that, there’s also the triple wide.

And an additional benefit? These homes are customizable when you go to order at a factory.

For those who want to go for a tiny home, a 400 square ft manufactured home might fit the bill. It’s tiny but still spacious for everyday living.

Carefully selected materials

Of course, if you go for the lowest price you can get, your mobile home will be made up of bottom of the barrel materials. Like particle board. Particle board is bad for the environment and easily prone to swelling at the sight of moisture. Those particle board cabinets? They’re not gonna last a good while.

However, this same “dilemma” can be found in stick-built housing. You get what you pay for. Want cheap? You’ll get cheap? But want quality? Well, guess what. There are quality and affordability in a manufactured home! Just don’t go for the cheapest.

Wood planks and lumber

When you move up to quality homes — whether manufactured or stick built, you’re looking at good materials. At the manufactured home factory, these materials are carefully selected and there’s an inspection throughout the assembly line process.

This helps with quality control.

Bargain prices

So another reason that points to just how good are manufactured homes are is the pricing. You get a whole lot of bang for your buck when you get on board with the manufactured home bandwagon. You’d end up spending more on a stick-built home with the same square footage!

And you don’t have to sacrifice quality!

Quality control during construction

The best mobile home factories have top of the line quality control. For example, they have an inspection going on throughout a home’s entire construction process. From start to finish, inspectors are watching out for any hiccups along the way. There’s also one final inspection at the factory before the home gets moved to its resting place.

Built to a set standard and above

Thanks to the HUD code, mobile homes are built to a certain standard. And thanks to programs like Energy Star, manufactured home factories aim to go above and beyond the minimum HUD requirements.

The rich and famous are noticing

Celebrities such as Kid Rock and Matthew McConaughey have or are living in manufactured housing. They love the minimalist vibe that can be enjoyed and they understand it’s not just for couples who want a starter home.

If they’re taking note, maybe it’s high time you did too.

A modern mobile home with wood and steel

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An excellent alternative to renting an apartment

Manufactured homes provide people with a great alternative to renting an apartment. In an apartment, you’ll probably find yourself in a much smaller and pricier place. Additionally, the apartment set up will likely not come with a place for the kiddos or pooch to run around.

So are apartments really a good idea when you can get a better all-around bargain with a mobile home? You get more space. On a rented lot, you get a yard. Your neighbors aren’t directly above or below your head.

Potentially, you could even own your mobile home with a loan or mortgage. Say farewell to seeing money lost in apartment rental costs. That’s how good manufactured homes are!

Explore the benefits of a mobile home life

So just how good are manufactured homes? If we haven’t already convinced you, maybe this will. There are numerous ways you can benefit by living the mobile home life. It’s a good way to transition into a more minimalist living if that’s your thing. You get more space per dollar. There’s more, click here to read about more benefits to mobile home living!

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