April is here and with it, glimmers and splashes of springtime. It is at this time of the year that Earth Day and Arbor Day are featured and celebrated. In honor of these two days, we’ve provided you with a list of practical, hands-on ways you and your mobile home can help the planet.

Aerial view of planet earth

Good stewardship of your property and the world around you can have consequences that will last for generations. And so does bad stewardship. We trust the following list will provide you with the knowledge you need to exercise the good kind.

7 ways you and your mobile home can help the planet

As you peruse this list, think of ways to bring your family into the mix. Good stewardship starts with individuals, then the family, and spirals out into the world. What you teach your children can leave a profound impact on how they go about life and in how they teach their own children later on.

By taking on these seven different ways to help the planet, your mobile home life will be a step ahead in the realm of good stewardship of the world.

1 – Responsible electric use

There are many ways you can exercise responsibility in electric use. For one, you can train your family to be sticklers for turning off unused lights. You know what we’re talking about. How many times have you walked into a vacant room just to find the light left on?

Additionally, you can install timers that will automatically turn on and off your lights at set times in the day. That will also help cut back on energy waste.

Energy efficient light bulbs are also a must.

2 – Good stewardship with your water

Now let’s move onto your water utilities. Did you know a 5-minute shower uses 50% less the amount of water you’d use in a bath? So let’s get everyone in the house away from baths. Showers are the future.

For your washing machine, make sure you use it when it’s filled. Over 20 gallons of water is used when you put that machine to work. That’s a thought that will help you think twice before running the washer with only one or two items.

3 – Create a compost bin

Compost bin

Create a compost bin in your backyard. Your plants will love the nutrition! All those kitchen scraps and some other types of organic material can be put to good use in that manner. That brings us to our next tip.

4 – Create a garden

Make your own backyard garden. Gardening is good for the environment as plants give off the oxygen that we are so dependent on. Not only that, there are many benefits for your family in the nutritional value of a garden.

5 – Heating

If you can integrate solar panels into your mobile home set up, that’s always a good idea. It’ll help cut back on your electric bill in its use of a more sustainable energy.

Work on insulating the crevices in your home where heat and air escape. Windows are often a big culprit and so are places where plumbing enters the mobile home.

Are your windows older? Think about putting up blinds and heavy curtains to help curb heat or cool air from escaping.

6 – Keep an eye on your appliances

Here’s another one for you. Keep an eye on your appliances and tech tools. Did you know that standby mode is still eating up energy? The best thing to do is ask that your family members completely shut down their computers and gadgets when not in complete use.

Laptop and other electronics on a table

And let’s talk about the lint in your dryers. Empty the lint filter after use otherwise it’ll be harder for the dryer to do its work.

Now, how about that kettle you use for tea or the French press? Don’t fill the kettle up with more water than you’re going to use.

7 – Green model home

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased a mobile home, look for environmentally friendly floor plans. This will help mitigate your footprint on the earth.

Green-minded for the future

Being green-minded is helpful in being a good steward of this planet. Don’t be hard on yourself. It takes time to build better habits that contribute to a healthier and happier planet. But the time to start is now. So don’t wait until you have all the right tools and equipment. There are things that you can do at this very moment to help the earth.

So happy Arbor Day and happy Earth Day to you and yours!

If you’re looking into starting your own garden, why not try one of these space-saving ideas?

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