If you’re looking to give that mobile home of yours a sense of grandeur, look no further. You’ve come to the right place. These furniture pieces will take your mobile home’s interior up a notch in class.

As you shop, keep in mind it’s all about quality, placement and color coordination. To give off an austere aesthetic, you must keep these three points in mind.

With some placement and coordination sense, your home will feel like a palace you’ll be glad to enjoy. There’s something about waking up to a home that’s in order and is arranged well to reflect a glamorous vibe.

Soft blanket on a brown leather couch

It’s your home. Own it in how you arrange and select your furniture.

9 furniture pieces that will make your mobile home feel glamorous

So let’s look at these nine furniture pieces we’ve selected with care and attention. The point of our inclusion of links is not to suggest that you buy the exact product. We only wish to provide some inspiration. Feel free to look for bargains at your local thrift stores and flea markets. Visit your local brick and mortar furniture stores or check out other online venues.

The sky’s the limit. The options are endless.

1 – Coffee table

At first sight, when you read these headings, you may be thinking of “plain Jane” furniture pieces. Well, that’s not what we’re thinking.

In this case, we’re not talking about your stereotypical coffee table. Think outside the box. If you’re going for that glamorous aesthetic, you don’t want average.

A wooden coffee table with ornate carvings and legs or feet is a sure win. Looking out for coffee tables that aren’t the traditional rectangular shape are another sure win. Try an oval shape with a glass top, for example.

The right coffee table can set the tone for your mobile home’s interior.

2 – Hall tree

A hall tree does look nice near your home’s entrance. But there’s another perk to having it — a hall tree serves as a great place to hang coats and purses without putting holes in your wall. They often come with cubby holes to store shoes too! It’s a great storage piece with a twist of classiness.

Some even come with mirrors built into the piece. That’s great for that one last look before you run out the door.

3 – Armchair

You’ll find a variety of armchairs in the market. Some are more ornate than others. Sometimes less is more to compliment the rest of your mobile home interior. In some situations, ornate etching with wood trim is what the doctor ordered.  

4 – Ottoman

An ottoman can serve your home well in a myriad of situations.

Large gold ottoman in an empty room

Such a piece of furniture can provide you with a place store your board games or books while affording you a place to rest your feet or seat some extra guests!

5 – Buffet table

So a buffet table is a great furniture piece to accent your wall space while providing you with extra storage space for dishes and kitchen or dining related linens. The top of the buffet may be adorned with decor or left bare to hold your prepared dishes throughout dinner or a party.

An elegant buffet table spruces up any home with an extra sense of class.

6 – Counter height table

For extra seating, a counter height table with bar stools is a great addition to your home. If you have the space, you might like it if you have a knack and love for hosting.

7 – Bathroom cabinet

For the bathroom, here’s an idea. Ever thought about replacing your bathroom cabinet? A new (or new to you)  bathroom cabinet can increase your bathroom’s sense of quality and class.

8 – Lampstands

Lampstands are another favorite furniture piece for glamming up the place. Strategically placed, they can provide helpful lighting and set the mood. They come as minimalist or as ornate as you’d like.

Lamps in living room

9 – Grandfather clock

For an austere touch in your mobile home, have you considered bringing in a grandfather clock? Grandfather clocks have been around for generations. They come in different types of wood. Shop around and see what the grandfather clock would make a good fit in your living room.

Tying it all together

In making your mobile home feel glamorous, don’t forget the non-furniture changes that contribute to such a look. The right curtains and paint can do wonders in sprucing up your mobile home’s interior. It’s not all in the furniture.

Now that we’ve talked about the inside, have you thought about making some changes to your mobile home’s exterior?

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