For those who are new to this mobile home buyer game, fear not. We’ve got your back with some tips that will save you time and money. The road to home ownership doesn’t have to be long or complicated. You don’t have to walk this path frazzled and agitated. With the know-how that comes your way in the following paragraphs, you’re a sure winner.

First time home buyers, couple with house keys

In equipping yourself with the knowledge at hand, you’re going to be a step ahead of the buying game. And who doesn’t want to win at that?

It’s your money. Your investment. Your family’s home. Of course, you want to use it with wisdom. It’s only right that you take care of your investment.

First-time mobile home buyer tips that will save you time & money

Now let’s talk about those mobile home buyer tips. To get your hands on the ideal mobile home, you need to know what to look for in a purchase. We’ll help you do that and more. Our first-time mobile home buyer tips are here to serve you.

Environmentally friendly homes save money

If you can manage it, buy yourself a home that is eco-friendly. This will save you money on your utility bills. And who doesn’t to save money?

Look for homes built with quality windows and window installation. This will help you keep the cool air in during the summer and the heated air in during the winter. Don’t make your utilities work harder than they have to.

Know what you want and know what you need

Understand what you want and what you need. Know what you’re willing to compromise on when it comes to the details of your home.

In understanding what you need, envision your life five years from now. Where do you want to see yourself? What are your goals? Do you intend to add additional family members into the mix? Do you have aging parents who may need to move in with you?

Answers to these questions may determine the layout of your home.

Understand that you get what you pay for

As you shop around for mobile homes, you’ll notice “bottom of the barrel” pricing on some. That tier of mobile homes is not made of quality materials. We suggest going for mid-range to high-range mobile homes.

Before you plunge forward with a mobile home purchase, find out about the home’s housing materials.

For what it’s worth, a mobile home gives you a lot per square footage in comparison to a stick built home. The mid to high range mobile homes are worth every cent.

Be prepared for the responsibilities of home ownership

Is this both your first mobile home and your first home? Well, congratulations on this exciting new journey.

But before you jump in with both feet, you should consider financial preparedness. Are you prepared with emergency funds set aside?

A home requires maintenance. And if it’s your own home, you have no landlord to fall back on when the sink breaks or the stovetop doesn’t work.

We are big advocates for the stowing away money into a savings account for repairs and maintenance. You never know what sort of expense may hit you as a homeowner.

There’s no doubt about it. Being a homeowner is an exhilarating experience. But you need to go into it prepared, understanding that it does come with its own expenses.  

Know that you can customize your mobile home floor plan

Here is something empowering that every mobile home buyer should know. You can customize your floor plan. That’s right. You can customize your floor plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Need a walk-in pantry? Got it. Want a double sink and jacuzzi for the master bath along with a spacious walk-in closet? Check.

Whatever it is you want, mobile home manufacturers are often able to accommodate.

Did you find a floorplan in which you liked all but the kitchen and living room areas? The mobile home manufacturer can help.

Rather than dig and dig for the perfect floor plan, you can take matters into your own hands. Design your own floor plan with the help of your mobile home manufacturer.

Save time, save money

Are you ready to move forward with your first mobile home? Don’t delay. With these tips for the first time buyer, you’re sure to save time and money.

If moving into a mobile home fixer upper is more your style, that’s great too. But there are seven things you should know before you move into one.

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