If you’re a mobile home park owner, you may be running into the dilemma of vacant lots. Vacant lots translate into empty, non-profitable lots. It’s quite the dilemma for a mobile home park owner. Your mobile home park ought to be a good investment. Otherwise, the livelihood of the investors and those who live in the mobile home park is at stake. Vacant lots can be frustrating when you’re wanting to see your park thrive.

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When a mobile home park is struggling, everyone struggles. You need to fill those vacant lots with homes so as to entice new tenants. But how? Where do you start? And where would you find mobile homes for your mobile home park?

Where to find mobile homes for your mobile home park

Well, we’re glad you asked and we’re glad to help. Finding mobile homes for your park doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just have to keep your eyes on the lookout in just the right places.

The sooner you fill those vacant lots, the better it is for your park. Being able to charge for the rent of both the lot and the home could bring in some good money for your operation. An empty lot is a lot that isn’t doing you (or your community) a favor.

Online listings

To begin with, online listings are a great place to look. A simple google search with the name of your location and the words “used mobile homes for sale” may conjure some helpful leads.

You may also scour social media groups that serve the purpose of buying and selling homes and items. Never know what you may come up with in terms of a bargain mobile home.

Print classifieds and your local bulletin boards

Additionally, mobile homes can be found in your local newspapers and on store bulletin boards. Don’t be afraid to get in there, look at the mobile home, and negotiate a deal.

Classifieds in a newspaper

As you prowl the area for used mobile homes, be sure you come up with reasonable calculations on the fixer-uppers. The mobile homes that require some renovating can come at a great deal and we certainly wouldn’t shy away from them.

That’s where you’ll find a good price. But you need to be clear in assessing the number of materials and time that will go into it. Otherwise, it’s best to walk away. The repairs could be over the top costly.

Connect with real estate agents

Another option is to connect with real estate agents. It’s possible that a real estate gets wind of different homes for sale, even mobile homes that folks may try to remove from their property. Befriend a few realtors and let them know you’re looking to buy used mobile homes. They’ll be able to connect you with a property owner who’s trying to get a mobile home off their property.

Find people who can help

Additionally, you can forget investing your money into a mobile home. Let’s say you just don’t have the funds to buy and renovate a mobile home. That’s OK. You’re not in the dark. You can fill that vacant lot by inviting mobile home dealerships to install their homes in your park and give you a cut of the tenant’s purchase.

You may also invite others who flip and renovate mobile homes to work out a deal with you. They own the mobile home and rent it out — you provide the property space for the home to sit on. You both get a cut of the rent that is paid on the home. And of course, you’re bringing in income by the rental of your space.

Advertise to those who would own their mobile home

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And last but not least, advertise your mobile home park to potential residents who wish to buy their own home. There are people who are open to buying the mobile home while renting the property it sits on. These people would be a good fit for your mobile home park.

Park owned homes vs resident-owned homes

But before you jump on board any of these options, it’s smart to consider the pros and cons to having park owned homes. While it may sound enticing to make as much as you can on both property and home rent fees, you may wish to take a second look for the full picture.

It’s smart to know what you’re getting into before you’re knee deep!

Happy mobile home hunting! With a bit of dedication and work, you’ll fill up those vacant lots in no time at all!

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