If you have empty, vacant lots in your mobile home park, you’re a bit disconcerted by the situation at hand. And rightly so – you’ve invested in the park and you want to see those slots filled. The sooner they’re occupied, the faster the money trickles in to give you a good return on your investment.

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So how do you fill those vacant lots in your mobile home park?

7 ways to fill vacant lots in your mobile home park

There are many ways to draw the attention of potential new park residents. If you implement some or all of these ideas, you’ll be sure to get those lots filled sooner than later.

1 – Buy used homes and set up a rent-to-own system

Here’s a way that’s appealing to homeowners searching the market for that new place. Set up a rent-to-own system as it increases intrigue on part of the renter. Who doesn’t want to own their home?

From the perspective of the occupant, it’s a good feeling to know the investment in rent will eventually get you a home. And it’s a great way for you to get that lot filled. Even if they eventually become the owner of the mobile home, they will continue to pay rent for the park lot.

It’s highly unlikely the homeowner will bother with relocating the mobile home. Most mobile homes do not see much movement due to the costs involved in relocating. It’s an expensive ordeal due to the need for professionals movers, permits, and inspections.

2 – Advertise in online classifieds

Next method of filling up those vacant lots include online advertisements. You can post listings for your mobile home park lots on different online venues. Don’t be vague in your listing. Identify what would make your park stand out to a potential occupant. Write your listing with good grammar and spelling, and don’t forget to list your contact information.

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3 – When you market your park, market the lifestyle

Some mobile home parks are finding growth and success by marketing from a lifestyle vantage point. So figure out what type of lifestyle your park caters to and sell that demographic to your park. And that brings us to our next point in this article.

4 – Know your target audience

By knowing your target audience, you’ll know exactly how to sell the idea of your mobile home park. Is your mobile home park for retirees? If so, highlight that and find venues that are frequented by retirees and leave your literature there.

On your marketing material list the benefits you (should) have in place at your park. These benefits will catch the attention of your ideal tenants. For example, your community could be for occupants fifty-five years old and up. Your community center may have weekly activities available for residents. And what about wheelchair access and good security measures in place?

5 – Showcase new homes on your empty lots

In addition to a rent-to-own system on used homes, how about you connect with a mobile home dealership? Ask them about placing a new home on your lot to showcase the design. In return, your mobile home manager will be on hand to show the place to potential buyers.

If the house is bought, the lot space is filled and you have someone paying lot rent. It’s good for your park investment and it’s good for the dealership.

6 – Flip a used mobile home

Remodeled bathroom

Here’s a popular solution. If empty lots don’t seem appealing to people who come through your park, keep an eye out for a good deal on a used mobile home. If you find a newer home at a bargain price that needs repair, then it could be worth your time and effort.

With some patience, you can clean out and remodel the mobile home, breathing new life into it. As a result, if you played your cards right, you’ll get a good return on your investment and a new park resident.

7 – Clean up the mobile home park

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact. If your mobile home park simply isn’t grabbing the attention of visitors, then maybe you need to take a step back and view the place with a fresh set of eyes.

Does the park seem unwelcoming? Do you have debris and litter scattered about? How about grass in desperate need of mowing? If the place looks unwelcoming and unappealing, that may be your problem. Consider sprucing it up a bit.

Fill up what you can in your lot

Thankfully, filling up vacant lots in your mobile home park doesn’t have to be a chore. If you create a mobile home park business plan for success, you’ll reap the rewards of your investment in no time.

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