The world of mobile homes is a dynamic place—just think about how much this housing option has changed since its inception. It’s easy to visualize the differences between the mobile homes of the past and the manufactured homes of the present. But there’s even variation among today’s mobile homes, too. And there’s variation when it comes to those who live in mobile homes. Some are singles, some are retired, and some are families.

Mother and daughter in kitchen

Today, we wanted to dig into the potential of mobile homes for the last category we listed—families. Is a mobile home a good fit for you and yours? Let’s explore how a mobile home can be a perfect place for you & the people you love. And let’s also look at things you can do to make it a wonderful spot. 


When exploring a mobile home’s impact on your family, it makes sense to talk about cost. The lower cost of a mobile home could make it a top-notch option for your family. Take it from the Manufactured Housing Institute, “The cost to buy a manufactured home averages about $70,600, compared with $286,000 for a single-family site-built home, not including land costs.”

When you aren’t overspending on housing, you have more money for other important things. 

For some that could look like creating an emergency fund or a college fund—or simply setting aside for the future. On the other hand, you use could your home-related savings to keep on top of current expenses. Or, you could use it for enjoyable activities now, like creating great memories on a family vacation. 

A close neighborhood

Feel more comfortable and secure when living surrounded by others? A mobile home in a park could give you a built-in community. This is one thing you’ll want to think about ahead of a mobile home move. Not all parks are the same, so go looking for a park with friendly neighbors who seem to have a great sense of community already.

Kids playing on a basketball court

Once you’re settled in your mobile home, cultivate and care for your relationships with neighbors. Be considerate of their needs—keep the noise level down and don’t park on their grass.  Plus, you can even budget time for a chat on your front porch (maybe with a glass of lemonade or two). Share your garden surplus with interested neighbors. And keep an eye out on one another’s homes when neighbors are traveling out of town. 

On top of friendliness to individual neighbors, you can connect as a group, too. Help organize a neighborhood barbecue. Or make plans for a neighborhood block party. And look out for one another too.

A great size

One wonderful thing about mobile homes is variability in size and style. If you want a cozy, tiny place for your little family, there’s a mobile home for you. Five hundred square foot home anyone? 

Or if you need something larger for your growing family, mobile homes won’t leave you in the lurch either. Try Adventure Homes’ The White House for a lot of space and a lovely interior. Find a place with square footage just right for your needs and wants. And if you’re buying a new manufactured home, modify the floor plan or features to meet your needs. 

Make it a home

On top of the great things a mobile home brings to the table, your own work can also maximize the quality of life for you and those you love. Anybody can have a house. But not everyone can have a home. Even more than the manufacturer or the designer, you can help create a happy place to dwell and grow. 

Embrace organized chaos

If your mobile home is small, having lots of people in a little space could sometimes feel chaotic. And, if you have young kids, chances are there are messes to clean up, too. But, don’t buy into the idea that to be a great place to live your home has to be picture-perfect all the time. 

Instead, lean into the fact that things will get out of place and will need to be cleaned. And once you replace them and clean them, chances are good you’ll still have to repeat the process in the future. (Maybe even in the near future — as in, tomorrow). 

This is life, just enjoy it. It’s not an excuse to let the chaos take over. Just a reminder that perfection sounds good. However, if you let it run away with you, it can actually undercut your efforts to cultivate a great life for your family. 

Greasy fingerprints on the windows mean the kids are enjoying the view. And toys on the carpet mean little people are learning and growing in the best way they know how — by playing. Sometimes, you can just let it happen. 

Clean consistently

Of course, having a cleaning/tidying routine can help you with the chaos. Make a plan to keep the clutter and dirt at bay. Then, when things seem out of hand, just remind yourself that you’ll get to it at the appointed time. 

Share it

Your mobile home can also be a great place to welcome others.

Ladies chatting with wine

Whether you’re hosting family members for the holidays or inviting friends for a tasty dinner, share your space with others. 

Starting out

Maybe you’re at the beginning. Your first baby is on the way, and that means you’re just about to get upgraded to an even larger family. It’s time to dive into the preparation—with a nursery for your little one. Check out how to Design Your Mobile Home Nursery To Look Like A Celebrity’s

Something and somewhere for everyone

Whatever the size of your family or the age of its members, make your mobile home a place where they feel loved & comfortable. Take a look at 5 Kid-Friendly Spaces You’ll Want To Have In Your Mobile Home. Or tackle one of our 23 Mobile Home Projects That Will Make Mom Smile. And if you want to up the calm in your home, check out How To Make Your Mobile Home A More Relaxing Place To Live.


About Dan Leighton

Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade. His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.

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