The cold weather doesn’t have to put a damper on family fun and it certainly doesn’t have to keep your mobile home park from social interaction.

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We have nine family-friendly activities your park can host this winter to keep the kids busy and entertained. Here you’ll find that these activities are family-friendly and you’ll be bound to find something that works for a variety of ages.

9 Family-friendly activities your park can host this winter

Help your residents have fun in spite of the chilly temperatures. Check out the following activities you could take on or adapt into your own.

1 – Christmas ornament-making

‘Tis the season! Make it a family affair and invite everyone to join in an evening of ornament-making and holiday cheer. Invite a business to sponsor the materials or have everyone pitch in to fund the event.

Whatever you do, be sure to get the Christmas music going! Handmade Christmas tree ornaments add an extra special bit of magic to any tree. You could even encourage folks to hand them out to loved ones as gifts.

2 – Paint workshop

Now how about a painting workshop? Invite a local artist to host a workshop for all ages to make something they’ll be proud of hanging. Your tenants will love a chance to channel their creative juices and maybe pick up a new hobby in the process.

3 – Door decorating contest

There’s always room for some friendly competitiveness. Send out flyers declaring a door decorating contest. Make sure you get these flyers all across your mobile home park, challenging tenants to participate. Families will have a blast bonding together as they come up with some fun holiday door decor. Advertise prizes for the best door — you can invite law enforcement or other community heroes to participate by judging the decorated doors.

4 – Adopt-a-senior program

Older folks by a Christmas tree

As the holidays roll around, some folks may find the festive cheer to be a sore reminder of their loneliness. Reach out to your local nursing home and find out which residents don’t have family connecting with them throughout the holidays.

These neglected elderly patients could use a little holiday cheer. After you’ve collected a list, invite your park members to adopt a senior for Christmas or to donate items for gift baskets that the park staff could put together and deliver to the senior home.

5 – Family-friendly movie night

After a long day of school and work, a family-friendly movie night is always a welcome activity. Your park residents can kick back and relax for a fun holiday movie that’s good for the whole family to enjoy.

Don’t forget to have popcorn on hand.

6 – Bonfire and marshmallows

If the cold is getting to your park residents, a bonfire is certainly in order. Find a safe place to build one and encourage your residents to come out and roast some marshmallows and swap stories.

It’s a great opportunity for your park residents to connect with one another. Maybe a family-friendly sing-along could take place too.

7 – Concert event

There’s nothing like music to bring people together during the cold weather months. It brings on some toe-tapping, foot-stomping fun to ward off the chilly weather. Think about reaching out to a local family-friendly band or performer to bring your park tenants some joy.

Hosting a concert is a great family-friendly winter activity.

8 – Indoor game night

To keep the kids busy, an indoor game night will do the trick. Bring out the board games, the hockey table and whatever other activities you can bring indoors. Corn hole boards can make for a fun competitive game too.

Board game with cards and game pieces

Ask families to bring snacks and refreshments to share. Parents will enjoy connecting with one another while the kids have a ball.

9 – Organize a volunteer opportunity

The holiday season is ripe with opportunities to serve the community — soup kitchens and the like are always looking for an extra hand. Find out who could use help and send out a flyer to your community inviting them to join you in volunteering on a certain day. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s something special about investing your time in helping others have a better day.

Pick something and run with it

So now that you’ve got some ideas, we hope you’ve found something to incorporate into your park’s winter activity schedule. It’ll surely make the dreary, wintery days bearable and memorable for your park community.

So you have some fun things slotted for the winter season. But aside from fun activities, is your mobile home park prepared for the freezing temperatures?

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