Here we go — fall is in the air and so is the wafting aroma of all the yummy fall eats and treats. Who doesn’t love the smell of pumpkin, cozy herbs, and delicious soups?

We’re all in with the autumn feels and we hope you are too. To kick off the fall cooking season, we collected nine fall-inspired dishes your family will want to eat again and again. 

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As you peruse the recipes below, don’t forget that you can doctor things up or cut back, and even substitute ingredients. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the taste of fall is present. 

9 fall-inspired dishes your family will want to eat again and again

Whether you’re the chef who likes to wing it or follow the recipe to the letter, we trust these recipes will get you in the kitchen. Your taste buds will appreciate the taste of fall — and so will your family. 

So grab that apron and get clicking. We have a grocery shopping list to pull together. Let’s get cooking. And while we’re at it, why not start with dessert?

1- Pumpkin roll dessert

Now, who doesn’t love the quintessential pumpkin roll dessert? It’s a fall favorite and quite the crowd-pleaser. With hints and aromas of fall and the perfect blend of cream cheese filling all wrapped up, this dessert is fun to share with a party or your dinner guests. 

Bring it to a party and be prepared to share the recipe.

2 – Pumpkin spice snickerdoodles

Oh for the love of snickerdoodles! A plain old snickerdoodle is nothing to scoff at but bring in a hint of fall and it’s a whole new level of deliciousness. Pumpkin spice snickerdoodles are chewy and just right for cozy game night munchies. 

3 – Creamy wild rice soup

And say hello to creamy wild rice soup. This soup is everything for a chilled autumn dinner. The creamy texture and soul food nature of soup is always a big win. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

4 – Autumn harvest punch

Drink it cold or hot. This autumn harvest punch is a fun mocktail for a crowd or movie night fun at your mobile home. Invite some friends over and serve them this autumn-ridden drink.

If you want something warm, you don’t have to restrict yourself to tea or coffee. Get that just-right drink from this punch recipe.

5 – Creamy butternut squash alfredo pasta

If you’re looking for pasta recipes, you’ll want to try this creamy butternut squash alfredo pasta

Fresh sage and thyme permeate this yummy pasta dish. Add some salty bacon at the recommendation of the blogger, and you’ll be in love. It’s healthy and tantalizing to the taste buds!

6 – Apple pie egg rolls

For the hopeless sweet tooth in your life, these apple pie egg rolls are fun and tasty! As the blogger says, it’s not your grandma’s apple pie. But it’s still tasty! What’s not to love about apple pie filling that’s wrapped up in crunchiness?

7 – Creamy pumpkin pasta parmesan

Take a look at this creamy pumpkin pasta parmesan. This delicious pasta includes “roasted squash, pasta shells and a thyme-infused garlic cream sauce.”

The garlic sauce is savory and it’s comfort food at its best. In the recipe, you’ll find instructions on how to prepare the squash (or pumpkin) for this delicious dish. 

If you’re new to cooking with pumpkin outside of dessert, this could be a great introductory recipe.

8 – Everything bagel cheese ball

We’ve all heard about the flavor-packed everything bagel. But what about the everything bagel cheese ball? If you’re into that sort of bagel, this cheese ball carries all your hopes and dreams. If not, then it’s best to move along.

9 – Crockpot cider

Crockpots are known for their ease of use. And if you’re serving a crowd, you’re going to want to leverage the power of the crockpot. It’s a gamechanger when you get one.

And making cider is no exception. Try this crockpot cider recipe and drink in the fall vibes. No regrets, right?

A fall explosion for the taste buds

As you bustle about the kitchen, we hope these recipes are all you ever wanted in “tasting” fall. 

Don’t forget to look at these fall drinks and fall decorations to complete the overall vibe in your mobile home. This time of year is filled with wonder and excitement as the changing colors of the leaves kick off the fall season. Enjoy it and soak it all in. It’s part of this adventurous journey called life.

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