As you beautify your mobile home, keep in mind the changing weather. We’re going from summer to fall — which can be a fun time of year to spice things up a bit. This is the season for warm, cozy colors that include reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. 

We’re a fan of the fall season and it’s good fun to let the season shine through your garden plants.

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In the subsequent paragraphs, we’re going to shine the spotlight on nine different garden plants that will be your favorite allies this fall. It’s not just about the color. These plants serve a purpose. 

But we’ll elaborate on that under each plant highlight.

9 garden plants that will be your favorite allies this fall

Don’t forget to do your own research. What you don’t want is to plant something that won’t work well in your zone

In featuring these nine different plants, we hope you’re finding yourself amped up for the fall season. There’s much to be excited about, but don’t take our word for it. Roll up your sleeves. It’s time for a drive to your local nursery or garden center.

1 – Dahlias

These tubers will provide you with flowers in abundance. Dahlias are known for being an easy flowering plant to cultivate and nurture. We love that Dahlias are perennial, meaning they’ll save you time and money as they return year after year.

2 – Celosias

Celosias are often known as cockscomb or feathered amaranth. They’re a great fall weather plant and they’re easy to care for. However, they don’t do well in soil with poor drainage. 

And here’s a perk: they’re rather hardy against diseases and pests.

In Celosia, you’ll find a beautiful plant and a herbal healer.

3 – Chrysanthemums

Mums. They’re the quintessential fall plant. Keep them potted, stick them in the ground — whatever you do, they’re just part of American life during the fall season.

They deserve well-draining soil and a nice, sunny spot. They come in various colors that complement various fall decor styles.

4 – Sunflowers

Sunflowers in the field

Now how about sunflowers? Sunflowers can hog the spotlight well into fall. There’s nothing to do but smile when looking at a sunflower. Not only do they supply a cheerful vibe in the garden, but they’re also great for attracting pollinators and providing shade.

Another benefit of having sunflowers in the garden is their ability to clean contaminated soil.

5 – Pansies

Made from the hybridization of various plant species, the garden pansy is a fun garden flower. 

Here’s what we appreciate about pansies: they’re not just about having a fun bright color. They also carry numerous health benefits with their edibility. Pansies have anti-fungal properties and can be used to treat dandruff among other ailments.

6 – Witch Hazel

For your fall garden, you’ll love having Witch Hazel around. It’s a hardy plant, requiring almost zero maintenance with its resistance to most pests. Witch Hazel loves the sun and will flower during a time that most plants do not. Their aromatic and aesthetic nature is a great addition to any garden.

7 – Dianthus

Another fall plant that comes in a plethora of colors, take a look at Dianthus. Dianthus comes in over 300 species that can grow as annuals, bi-annuals or even perennials. Colors can include pink, white red, rose, yellow, and lavender. And let’s not forget about the bi-color varieties! They’re hardy against pests and diseases.

8 – Verbena

Verbena flowers

Having worldwide appeal, the Verbena plant can be grown as a perennial or an annual. It comes in various shades of red, purple, white, blue, and pink. The Verbena plan is helpful in attracting pollinators. If you need a filler or spiller plant in your garden, Verbena will deliver. Mix them up with marigolds and dusty miller.

9 – Cosmos

Daisy-like in appearance, Cosmos are colorful annual flowers that attract pollinators to the garden. They’re hardy and easy to grow. While they bloom throughout the summer, you can enjoy their beautiful aesthetic through the early part of fall.

Go green and reap the benefits

As you come up with a plan for your fall weather garden, remember to do your own research. Feel free to connect with local garden centers and ask their friendly staff members about the area’s best fall plants. Fall doesn’t have to mean the end of your garden if you put in a little effort.

We talked about gardening. Do you live in or manage a mobile home park? Consider starting a community garden to share with your neighbors! There’s no end to what can be done with many hands tilling the ground and cultivating beautiful plants.

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