Wading through the mobile home market as a buyer comes with its own set of unique challenges. If you don’t want to have the wool pulled over your eyes by a seller, you’re at the right place. We’ve navigated these murky waters. And we’ll be glad to share some tips. 

Go from floundering to winning in the world of buying mobile homes. Naturally, you need to know the signs that indicate someone’s trying to gyp you of a fair price.

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Now it should be noted that these tips were learned from the school of hard knocks. And we trust these tips will save you from some harrowing sales situations. 

We’ll show you when to run away from a sale or when to dig in your heels for a better price. 

Have the upper hand by being informed

Of course, there’s no way we’d advocate for going into a sale with little know-how. Instead, being informed is part of winning the game. Buying a mobile home is no small investment of time or money. And good stewardship calls for gathering information so you can become an empowered buyer.

Signs a seller isn’t offering you a fair price

To help you stay afloat and succeed at buying mobile homes, we compiled this list. Today we’re showcasing five signs a mobile home seller isn’t offering you a fair price. Now, are you ready for some killer tips? If so, read on. 

1 – Inspection finds undisclosed home repairs

For what it’s worth, if you get this far in seeking to acquire a mobile home, an inspection will be revealing. Should the inspection find significant undisclosed home repairs, think again on that price. Whether intentionally or not, the seller isn’t proposing a fair price. So it’s time to revisit the offer. 

2 – Nearby properties offer a much lower price

In scouting out the area surrounding the mobile home in question, you may find that other mobile homes of comparable quality weigh in at a much lower price. In this case, you can bet that the mobile home seller is not offering you a fair price. Thus, it’s time to (try to) haggle with confidence to get a lower price, or it’s time to look elsewhere. Certainly, the choice is up to you. 

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3 – No offers have been made on the mobile home

If you see the mobile home has been on the market for a couple of months with no offers, something is up. And that something may be the price. With no bees flocking, you know there’s no honey there. So see if the mobile home seller will sweeten the home with a lower price

In short, no offers over a long span of time can mean that price is steep compared to what it’s worth.

4 – Nearby mobile homes are selling like hot cakes

Are you seeing that the mobile home in question is stagnant on the market while other nearby homes are selling like hotcakes? That’s a telling sign that the price is not right. So make sure you are certain of the prices at which these neighboring homes were sold. You may find that they sold for less than what the home you’re considering is going for.

Again, it’s time to see about getting a bargain or moving on to greener pastures. 

5 – The home has been relisted several times

Did you check the mobile home’s realty history? Since the previous owner, does it have a history of being relisted several times without a sale? Again, that could be a telltale sign that the mobile home seller isn’t offering you a fair price. 

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As a buyer, you may decide to move on and find a better-priced home elsewhere. 

Win at buying mobile homes

There you have it — five signs a mobile home seller isn’t offering you a fair price. As you can see, the above tips will help you succeed in finding out whether a mobile home seller is offering a fair price or not. 

For more on buying mobile homes, take a look at this checklist to avoid buyer’s remorse. With the right knowledge in your arsenal, you can win at buying mobile homes. As far as we’re concerned, knowing when to swim away from an “opportunity” is part of the game. 

Buying a mobile home doesn’t have to be filled with uncertainty. Take control of your life as a homebuyer by educating yourself. Learn from the mistakes of others and do your own research as you embark on your home buying journey.

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