Say hello to 2020. A new year means all manner of newness on the horizon.

And your mobile home’s exterior is not exempt. We’re looking at exterior changes that will update your mobile home for 2020. Some of the ideas we have will require a contractor or be more labor-intensive than others. 

Whatever you decide to do, understand that you’ll want to keep your mobile home’s style in mind. For example, if you lean toward a country vibe in your style, then keep that going in your exterior updates. If you prefer industrial, then go for industrial vibes. Color is also an important detail to factor into your updates.

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It won’t be attractive to look at your mobile home and see the new update clashes with the overall color scheme.

9 Exterior changes that will update your mobile home for 2020

So let’s see the nine exterior changes to update your mobile home this year. 

1 – Fresh paint on the front door

First on our list is tossing a fresh coat of paint onto the front door. If your siding is neutral in color, a door with a zing to it would deliver a nice contrast. Don’t dive into any paint color without careful thought. Bring some paint chips home and hold them up to your door. See how it would pair well with your mobile home’s trim and siding colors. 

Like what you see? Buy your exterior paint and get to it.

2 – Add some skirting

Now, how about some skirting? If your mobile home doesn’t have skirting, it’s time to make a big change. Adding skirting or replacing old skirting will update your mobile home. That difference will be night and day. 

The fun thing about mobile home skirting is that it comes in all sorts of colors, textures, and styles. You can get faux stone, brick, and wood.

Give your mobile home some style and a fresh look with new skirting.

3 – Blast away the grime

Another way to update your mobile home is to blast away the grime. By pressure washing your mobile home, you’ll be surprised at the significant change you’ve brought about by cleaning. All that dirt and grime build-up ages your home. Blast it away and your mobile home looks newer. 

4 – Add a front porch or back patio

And how about adding a front porch or back patio? Not only will it give your mobile home an updated look, but it will also provide you with a safe space to kick back and relax.

A front porch or back patio provides space for you to place a chair or more. In the back patio, you could even add a fire pit for smores or chilly evenings. 

Fire pit in yard

5 – Take care of your landscaping

Give your landscaping the care and attention it needs. For some, picking up litter and debris is a good place to start. Those who’ve maintained a litter-free and debris-free yard can move onto the next level. 

Survey the yard. What do you see? Are there any bald patches that merit grass? Any potholes? How about trees or shrubs in unseemly locations?

Once you’ve remedied that, it’s time to consider ways to shape your yard into a masterpiece. Flowers, shrubs, trees, brick, and stone can be part of artistic work in your yard.

6 – Dress up the entrance

Additionally, you can dress up the entrance. Is that front door looking bare? Dress it up with a wreath. Add some fresh paint to the steps or railing. Place some potted plants around your entrance. It’ll bring it all to life. 

7 – Add some window shutters

Have you thought about adding some window shutters to your mobile home? If you’re working with a boxy mobile home, adding window shutters will update it and give it a more modern look. 

There’s something cozy and home-like about window shutters. Give it a try and see what you think. If you already have some up, maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint or a new color. 

8 – Install some outdoor lighting

Whether it’s for the front or the back yard, exterior lighting can liven up the evening and night time mood. Give yourself some solar lights spaced evenly along your path from the driveway to the front door. Add some tiki lights to the back for an island vibe. The possibilities are endless, the lights will bring some modern vibes to the exterior of your mobile home.

Orange lights in jars

9 – Add a pathway to the front door

If you don’t have a stone or cement pathway leading from your front doorsteps to the parking space, this is a worthy project to undertake.

Bring on 2020 with style

We talked about nine different exterior changes that will update your mobile home for 2020. But let’s not forget about the interior. Check out these six exciting bedroom and bathroom trends for 2020.

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