People don’t just stay healthy without intentional action and thinking in that direction. If you want to take care of community health in your mobile home park, you’ll need to inspire your residents and staff to take responsibility.

But how do you take care of community health in your park? How do you encourage your park tenants and staff to get off the couch and on their feet? Embracing an active and healthy lifestyle can feel like a drag at first. Once you get rolling, it gets easier to find the willpower to keep at it.

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Follow along and we’ll give you some ideas to take care of your community and inspire a healthy way of life.

Taking care of community health in your mobile home park

To help you along with your positive mission to instill healthy choices and activities, we’ve come up with some ideas that are sure to deliver. Sometimes all a person needs is a little encouragement and the right tools at their fingertips.

We trust these ideas will create a domino effect. Those who do use these tools will hopefully inspire others in the mobile home park to take care of their own health.

Create a jogging map

Here’s our first idea — a jogging map! Design a jogging map to encourage community health in your mobile home park. You can do this with apps such as On the Go Map or Map My Run.

These jogging maps can be shared digitally or you could print them out onto your own special mobile home park jogging map brochure. It’s a great courtesy for those who live in your mobile home park.

Additionally, you can go the extra mile (no pun intended) by providing your park tenants with brochures detailing the hiking trails in the surrounding areas. Hiking is a relaxing way to connect with nature, explore, and exercise.

Install a park playground

Another way to take care of community health in your mobile home park is to install a park playground. If you have green space to expand for this idea, we encourage you to take on this project. It’s a brilliant way to get kids off their tech devices and out into the fresh air without making them feel like they’re getting exercise.

A playground can provide ample “fun” exercise without thought. Monkey bars, running around, climbing ladders and such will keep the little ones busy for hours.

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If you choose to install a playground for the park children, be sure to lay out some ground rules before opening the use of the playground to your tenants. You want to mitigate chaos and bodily injury for every child’s safety! Having fun and getting ample exercise can quickly become a hazard if you don’t proceed with care.

Outdoor exercise equipment

For the adults in your park, arranging outdoor exercise equipment is another way to encourage community health. Pull up bars, climbing walls, outdoor cardio walkers, and more can be installed in your park’s green space. It’s a great way to bring the exercise outside.

By choosing to install outdoor exercise equipment, you’re giving your mobile home community a positive option for their exercise needs. If they’re tight on space in their homes for equipment, they’ll be excited to have the equipment accessible within the park grounds.

Host health seminars or workshops

Another way to inspire healthy living is to host health seminars or workshops. Invite your local health gurus to come and share their knowledge with your park. Set a date, make flyers, and get the word out.

And you can think outside the box on this one! Invite gardeners, nutritionists, life coaches, and exercise experts.

Host health challenges

There’s nothing quite like a bit of friendly competition. Host a park-wide health challenge, inviting tenants to participate. (But don’t be pushy about it!) Maybe set up a group reward for those who complete the challenge, making for a fun and healthy activity!

Grow a community garden

Have you thought about growing a community garden? It’s a rewarding endeavor on so many levels. Before you begin, research the best means to go about it so that everyone is treated fairly in reaping the benefits of such a worthy task.

Publish health-related information

You know that community newsletter you started last year? It’s the perfect springboard to ignite health-related discussion and awareness! Use your newsletter to share hacks and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

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Start an onsite gym

Finally, you can encourage your residents to take charge of their health by having an onsite gym. You can take a vacant mobile home in your park and fit it up as your park’s gym. There’s no excuse when there’s an onsite gym within walking distance. Rain or shine, the gym is only a walk away!

Here’s to a healthier year in your park!

We hope these ideas propel you forward into taking care of community health in your mobile home park. May this year bring with it a healthier park community!

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