There’s value in community and what better way to cultivate it than creating a community announcements board.

Your mobile home community will benefit from this feature as it serves a two-fold purpose.

A community bulletin board cultivates communication and it’s a place to share events and resources.

In addition to that, you can make your community bulletin board one of a kind by making its design reflect your community’s brand. We’ll share some ideas for this further down in our article.

Research on the impact of communication in community development states that communication within the community elicited more community involvement in development issues.

Be connected and stay connected

If you can stay connected with your mobile home community and keep in contact with one another, that’s a plus. You’ll be able to tap into your community for input on big changes or easily come together in the wake of an unforeseen disaster.

It’s good to know who your neighbors are and how you can serve them better. It’s also good for them to know who you are and who their fellow neighbors are too.

How to create a mobile home community announcements boards

So creating your own mobile home community announcements board isn’t that complicated. You can be as creative or as simplistic as you’d like.

In this process, we’ll be talking about design, practicality, and materials.


Establish the purpose of your board. Is it for information related to the community only? Or are you willing to let outside sources post their events or info on your community’s board? We don’t think you can go wrong, either way, it’s really up to you and your community.

Whatever you choose to do, your community will appreciate having a community announcements board.


Next, you need to select a visible and practical location for your mobile home community announcements board. If you have a community building for social functions, you may wish to install your board just outside of that.


Creative community board with basic decor

When it comes to the design of your park’s community announcements board, you can be as aesthetically simple or complicated as you’d like.  

While we’re big fans of placing the board outdoors in a place where your residents will walk by it, you may prefer to place it indoors. That indoor place may be at the mobile home park office or at your community center. If that’s the case, you’ll have more liberty in the design process without concern for your board’s weatherproofing.

This doesn’t mean you’re exactly stifled in your board’s design if you’re placing it outside. Give your board an awning and wood or metal frame on legs. You can spruce up your announcements boards by adding art, color, and texture to the design. Wood cutouts of animals or plants native to your park may serve as fun embellishments to your announcements board.

If you’re only into using it for management announcements, these simple outdoor display case signs may be what you’re looking for.


Should you find yourself wanting to build your own announcement board, you may put out a call to residents. Invite them to volunteer some time and effort into the project. Those who are good at working with your materials will be excited to participate. Bring community participation in the construction of the board.

Between online shopping, volunteer help, and a run to your local home improvement store, your custom community announcement board doesn’t have to be over complicated. It doesn’t even have to be extensive in cost to become reality.


Once your board is built and ready for the installation, consider taking extra care in making sure your installation is of high quality. You don’t want to put all that effort on your board to fall over due to shoddy work.

With concrete and hefty bolts, you’ll be able to firmly plant that board into place. Make sure you connect with your local city hall to see if there are any regulations or restrictions you should be informed about. Do this before pressing forward with the installation.


Now that you’ve completed your installation you can begin promoting your announcement board. Send a flyer to each of your tenants, explaining the purpose of the community board and how they are invited to make use of it.

Bonus: Community app

If you feel your community would have a bent towards technology, we suggest finding a community app to keep in touch with your tenants. Find one that serves as both a venue for community announcements – and management-tenant communication.

A man using his iPad

It’ll serve a dual purpose by keeping your community posted on opportunities and events. It’ll also give you a paper trail of communication between you and your tenants for any maintenance or issues that may arrive.

Another good way to build a stronger community

In short, your community announcements board will cultivate a better sense of communication among community members. This will build a stronger and better community.


As a mobile home community manager, you may consider organizing some events and using the announcements board to keep folks abreast on how they can participate and other details. Sometimes a community will need initiative on management’s part to break the ice between neighbor communication.

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