The perfect cold weather mobile homes require a little effort on your part. So it’s just as well that you’re asking about them. We get it — cold weather is a real concern in certain parts of the United States.

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Additionally, a home is quite the investment. Although mobile homes are affordable, it’s still a big chunk of money leaving your wallet when you buy any type of home. If you’re looking to put a mobile home onto private land or a lot in an area prone to cold weather, it’s smart to do your part for winter preparedness.

Perfect cold weather mobile homes are at your fingertips.

The perfect cold weather mobile homes

There are three key points that, in our opinion, makes perfect cold weather mobile homes. It’s what makes them stand out from the rest of the homes out there. Those points are energy efficiency, structural design, and proper foundation techniques.

Energy efficiency

To start with, let’s look at our first point: energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is crucial for keeping the cold weather out and the heat indoors. If cold air is constantly seeping into your home while your heat system is going, it will be a constant battle.

You need a home that is well-insulated, without any gaps for air to escape or enter your home. Not only will an energy efficient home keep you warmer, but it will also lower your electric bill. A lowered electric bill is a win for any homeowner.

Structural design

Another important aspect of perfect cold weather mobiles homes is that of proper structural design. Mobile homes that are built to carry the weight of the hazards that come with cold weather are ideal.

Some homes are designed with a roof pitch to withstand the heavy snow or ice that’s bound to build up in cold localities. Without such construction techniques in place, roofing could cave in and seriously injure the household.

pitched roof with snow on it

Proper foundation techniques

It’s up to you to ensure your mobile home comes off the factory onto a quality foundation. You need to set your mobile home up so that underneath it is well-prepared for cold weather. Slab foundations are known for having warmer ground underneath than other foundation setups.

Regardless of your foundation set up, at a minimum, you ought to ensure the underside of your mobile is well-insulated. And skirting is always better than no skirting at all. You don’t want the underside of your mobile home completely exposed.

Winterizing your mobile home

For that perfect cold weather mobile home, there are things you can do for the home you already own. We’re going to point out a few suggestions to consider as the winter weather comes on.

Insulating foam spray, the miracle worker

A run to your local home improvement store will provide you with a good supply of insulating foam spray. This spray can be applied to a variety of areas where air might seep into your home.

Think of spraying it into the places where the plumbing enters the house. Electrical outlets are another entryway for air. Windows and doors are also culprits for air entering into your home. Try the corners where the floor meets the wall or the roof meets the wall.

If you have gaps around windows, that’s another good place to put that insulating foam spray to work.

Insulate your plumbing

If cold weather is coming on, you would do well to insulate your plumbing. It’s as easy as buying plumbing insulation sleeves at your local home improvement store. You can use cable ties to secure them in place.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fan with lights

Here’s an idea — hot air rises. Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans so the hot air is pushed back downward. It’ll help during the winter to keep warm and cozy.

Clean out the gutters

Gutters clogged with leaves and debris can put a hamper on rain sliding out. That rain will stay in place and ice over. You can mitigate rain accumulation by removing the obstacles. Be prepared for the on-coming winter weather and get those gutters cleaned out.

Winter safety

Winter comes with its own dangers and hazards. By striving for perfect cold weather mobile homes, you’ll be a step ahead in winter preparedness.

If you own a mobile home park, keep everything safe during the winter by getting ready for the cold season. As a mobile home park manager and owner, you can mitigate much of the cold weather drama by encouraging your park residents to embrace winter preparedness. Do what needs to be done to keep your park ready and safe.

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