If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’ve lost a loved one, and they’ve left behind a mobile home. 

First of all, we want to express our condolences. Loss is a heavy blow. And it’s unfortunate that one must trudge through ironing out so many loose ends while grieving. 

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We hope this article opens up some options for you. We’ll help you figure out what to do with your loved one’s mobile home after their death. You’ll be glad to find there’s more than one option out there. Whether you have a mobile home on your hands because of the death of a parent or of someone else close to you, these ideas are for you.

What to do with your loved one’s home

There are different routes you can take when it comes to next steps for your loved one’s mobile home. We’ll break down a myriad of options for you to consider. Take your time, if possible, to scope out all the pros and cons.

From flipping it to donating it, the options abound. 

Flip the mobile home

First of all, consider flipping the mobile home. See what value there may be in parting with it by putting it up on the market. By selling it, you’ll have it clean off your hands, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of managing it long-term.

Before you put it up on the market, you ought to focus on increasing curb appeal. You can do this by cleaning up the yard, adding a fresh coat of paint, and updating fixtures, if needed. 

Take inventory of what could use updating and gauge whether the updates would increase your mobile home’s value. Consider which updates you can afford and which ones have the most impact. Then move forward with the ones you’ve chosen. 

Stay in the mobile home

Alternatively, you can stay in the mobile home yourself. If you were living in it with your loved one, this new season may call for some changes around the house. Be patient with yourself as you grieve and celebrate the memories you made in the mobile home. 

Rent out the mobile home as a short-term rental

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Now let’s talk about renting out the mobile home as a short-term rental. Have you heard of Airbnb rentals? You can set your loved one’s mobile home up as a short-term rental on platforms such Airbnb or Vrbo

A short-term rental is a great way to bring in income without the commitment of a long-term rental. You can block out days (or even weeks) that you don’t want to deal with tenants. It’s up to you. And depending on the quality of your short-term rental, you may see a better turnaround on income than you would on a monthly rental. 

Rent out the mobile home as a long-term rental

On the flip side, you can set up a long-term rental situation for your mobile home. This is a great way to ensure consistent income. Mobile home rentals are popular housing options — you might be surprised at how easy it may be to find a renter. 


Offer up the mobile home to a family member

Another option is to offer up the mobile home to another family member. If you can do without it, and you see that it could be a benefit to another person, why not offer it up to him or her? You’ll have the benefit of keeping it in the family while still seeing it go to a good cause.

Donate the mobile home

Speaking of good causes, you could also donate the mobile home. There may be a church or some other non-profit that could put it to good use, serving your community. 

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It’s an excellent way to give back in memory of your loved one. 

You don’t have to decide overnight

Now you know several different ways you can deal with your loved one’s mobile home after their death. 

In most cases, you won’t have to make this decision overnight. See to it that you’ve combed over all the options, weighed the pros and cons, and formed a clear picture of the direction you’d like to take. 

Fascinated by the idea of turning your mobile home into a short-term rental? Here’s how to create a vibrant and welcoming mobile home rental. We’ll help you take your mobile home from drab to fab. Setting up a rental can prove to be a great source of income. So why not see how you can make it work?

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