The summer heat is beginning to rise and you’re once again realizing it is time to do something about enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. And you’re starting with windows.

As you prowl online listings, your eye spies the perfect set of windows that fit your home vibe. They’re at a bargain price and you are sold. But one thing stops you from pressing forward with a purchase – the windows are made for a regular house.

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So you wonder. Can you put regular house windows in a mobile home? Is that a bad idea? If it is possible, what do you need to know before you get yourself into this home improvement scenario?

Can you put regular house windows in a mobile home?

If you’re looking to change out the windows in an older mobile home, then reconsider the idea of installing a standard house window. You may wish to reach out to a mobile home supply store and work with them to get the right size windows. We suggest looking at local stores to cut back on shipping costs.

That’s not to say fitting a standard window into your home is impossible, but you’ll have to deal with more remodeling than you bargained for. You may need to make bigger window openings, install more wall studs to shape things out correctly, patch up areas, and more. It’s a huge ordeal.

Should you want to do it yourself, then finding replacement windows from a mobile home supply store is the way to go. But if you want to install regular house windows, we strongly you encourage to hire a skilled technician to deal with the remodel.

Some window dealers will have their own certified window installers. These installers should know how to deal with your home and ensure the proper installation is enacted. The last thing you want is a poorly installed window, defeating the purpose of having a more energy efficient home. Look for window installers who are experienced in working with mobile homes.

Can you put regular house windows in a mobile home? Yes, you can!

Things you should know about installing windows in a mobile home

Now that we’ve established you can put regular house windows in a mobile home, we’d like to discuss a few things. We believe there are a few points to be kept in mind if you choose to install fresh windows in a mobile home.

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Clear caulk

Use a generous amount of clear caulk to seal your new windows. Be intentional in your caulking. The point is to seal your window frame to keep moisture and air from coming in through those gaps between the window frame and the wall. Caulk is a great asset for energy efficiency.

Be conscious of your energy efficient goals

When it comes to energy savings, insulated double pane windows are the best. The extra glass panel is there to protect your home from the elements. It would be a pity to go through the pains of window replacement and find that your energy efficiency is worse or merely equal to what it was.

Mobile home park regulations

Before you invest and begin your mobile home update, check with your mobile home park. Do they have any special regulations that may affect your remodel?

They may only allow a particular type of style of window. Do your homework now and spare yourself from disappointment.

Make a few phone calls

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Changing the windows in your mobile home is no small investment. Take the time to call up different window suppliers and compare pricing. In addition to seeking out price comparisons, ask about customer testimonials.

Add on the windows and enjoy the new look

Can you put regular house windows in a mobile home? As can be seen, you can. But not without a little extra work. Make sure you have your ducks in a row and remember the old adage – measure once, cut twice. Measure twice, cut once.

On top of having a more energy efficient mobile home, changing out your windows will give the place a whole new look. That’s exciting and we wish you the best in sprucing up your mobile home. Nothing gives a home a facelift like a new set of windows.

We discussed the need to communicate with your mobile home park. If you’re looking to remodel a mobile home that sits on someone else’s land, what does that look like? Do you need permission to remodel if the home is yours even though the land is not? Should the landlord flip the bill for these changes? These and other questions are dealt with in our article about remodeling a mobile home on someone else’s land.

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