After a relaxing vacation or productive work trip, you pull into your driveway and see your home with a fresh set of eyes. You notice that age is catching up with your home, and it could use a little sprucing up on both the outside and inside.

Yes, it could use a little updating.

But don’t worry. That happens to everyone with any home – manufactured or site built, it matters not. All homes need maintaining with care and love.

Now you pause from the surveying of your manufactured home and ask, “Can a manufactured home be remodeled?”

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This is where we step in and provide some answers and guidance.

Can a manufactured home be remodeled?

We’re excited to say that yes, indeed, a mobile home can be remodeled. And the best thing of all is the possibilities are endless.

There are three factors to consider before you take on a manufactured home remodel.


First of all, you’ll want to take note of all the remodeling projects you wish to do for your home’s exterior and interior. If you need some inspiration for different looks that you can go for, you may find some great inspiration on or even

Some great projects that increase your home’s overall curb appeal include adding a porch, deck, mobile home skirting, and replacing your door or siding.


Piggy bank

It goes without saying, budget is a key player in choosing where to start in the remodeling process. Find out how much you’re willing or able to spend before you begin a project.

Calculate how much money will go into materials, labor, and contingency for the project. Calculating contingency into your cost factor is a big must as it gives you breathing room should something go awry during the remodel process. Unexpected expenses are bound to pop up. Hiccups in any remodel project are often the norm, so you’ll want to be prepared for additional spending.

With those numbers calculated and compared side by side, ask yourself if you can pull off this project.

Permits and regulations

Before you embark on your remodel, it’s critical that you find out what your state’s regulations are in regards to remodeling your manufactured home.

This means you’ll want to contact your state’s manufactured housing division. They’ll provide you with information in regards to what remodels require a permit. Be prepared to pay a fee for your permit. Additionally, you’ll find that not every remodel will necessitate a permit.

Beginning your remodel

Now that you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to commence the remodeling process. Here you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to take the DIY route or hire a contractor.

We suggest taking on a blend of the two options. You’ll find some tasks, such as painting, are straightforward. Others require a little more expertise.

You don’t want to risk damaging your manufactured home just because you wanted to save money and didn’t call in a professional. A poor remodel may cause you problems later on or nullify your home’s HUD certificate. The cost of undoing a remodel poses an avoidable expense, and even though you may try to undo the remodel, the remnants of damage may still be evident.

There are three warnings you can keep in mind during the remodel process. They’ll save you grief and hopefully save you from spending more than you ever intended.

1. Don’t settle for the first quote

Take the time to ask different suppliers or home improvement stores for quotes on the materials you need.

And if you decide to hire a contractor to remodel your manufactured home, call several in your area. Compare prices. Ask for referrals and talk to their previous clients. If you can, we’d encourage you to ask to see any of the contractor’s previous work in person.

2. Know what will nullify your HUD certificate

Beware of upgrades and remodels that involve tampering with your home’s structure. Such changes may nullify your manufacturer’s HUD compliant certificate, possibly making your home unfit to sell.

This is for your own safety too – your manufactured home is designed to withstand and support its own original design. Adding extra stress to the structure may cause some unsafe situations.

There are ways to make big changes without tampering with your mobile home. For example, you may build a porch so long as it is not attached to the home and is able to support itself.

3. Bad timing can do harm

Raindrops on a window

Finally, be conscious of the timing of your manufactured home remodel. Check the weather. You don’t want to scramble for plastic sheets if torrents of rain are on the horizon and you have exposed materials at risk.

Ready to start your remodel?

Here and there, project by project, you can make your home into something you’ll be proud of and eager to show off. So in answer to your original question, “Can a manufactured home be remodeled?” we hope this article has shown you that a manufactured home can be remodeled through easy steps and a little preparation.

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