As a mobile home investor, it’s only smart to look at the best mobile home parks and figure out what makes them tick. It could make or break the way you operate.

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Of course, your mobile home park will have its own uniqueness but you can certainly borrow inspiration from successful parks. It’ll help you think outside the box — and who doesn’t want to learn from the best of the best?

The best mobile home parks of 2018

So that brings us to a whirlwind tour of the best mobile home parks of 2018. You’ll notice some recurring threads in this display of successful mobile home parks. You’ll also notice some features that are unique to each park.

Whatever you do, don’t feel pressured to make your park a cookie cutter version of what we have listed here. This list is just for inspirational purposes. Apply the principles in a way that caters to your park’s heartbeat.

And remember — what works for one park won’t necessarily work for your park. It’s all about location and audience but remember: principles CAN be timeless and surpass nuance differences of target audiences.

Paradise Cove

In Malibu, California you’ll find a mobile home park called Paradise Cove. Its locations are scenic, overlooking the Pacific ocean. The park is home to 276 mobile homes surrounded by lush greenery.

The aesthetic is warm and breath-taking.

In addition to a lovely aesthetic, the amenities are various. Amenities include a tennis court, basketball court, clubhouse, playground, and of course the beach is within walking distance. The park also provides an in-park restaurant. A convenient place to eat out without leaving the park.

The park has attracted the likes of the rich and famous.

Smuggler Park

Since the 1970s, Smuggler Park has been serving tenants in the mountains of Colorado. It’s located at the base of Smuggler Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.

Houses by the mountains in winter

From what we could find, Smuggler Park homes are quaint and are known for their friendly neighborhood. The homes are well maintained.

Montauk Shores

On the Atlantic side of the United States, Montauk Shores Condominium is home to a variety of mobile homes.

According to their website, the resort is both a home to some residents and a vacation place to others.

This park is close to the shore and provides tenants with a clubhouse, heated swimming pool, on-site management a gated entrance, security, and a playground.

How to emulate the best mobile home parks

So what are the secret ingredients to these killer mobile home parks? Why do people find them attractive? What makes them tick?

While you may not be able to offer everything these parks do, here are a few universal things that can make a park more attractive.

Location, location, location

The age-old real estate mantra, “location, location, location” continues to ring true. Even in the realm of mobile home park investing.

Notice a common thread in these parks? They all have a scenic view to be coveted.

However, that’s not the only way to capitalize on location. Perhaps finding oceanfront mobile home parks to invest in is out of the question for your budget.

That’s OK. Think outside the box. When it comes to location what other angles can you take? How about being close to modern day conveniences? Having shopping and other services nearby is a huge winning point.

Take pride in the mobile home park

In vying for the best mobile home park, it helps for management to take pride in their property. See litter building up? Don’t let it build up. Deal with it. Get your team on it.

Broom on sidewalk

Be the example of pristine cleanliness and the rest of your park will follow.

Management is available

In the best of mobile home parks, management is accessible to tenants. You need to be available to your tenants in the case of problems. Your tenants expect you to care about the community.

Show you care by being responsive and present in their time of need. Even if a problem that arises falls outside of the lease agreement details, you can be responsive.

You owe your tenants a reply. Silence is the trait of a shoddy mobile home park.

Now you can strategize

Now that we’ve discussed the key traits of the best mobile home parks, continue forming the perfect park strategy. To help you deliver quality service to your residents, an outstanding management team should be at the top of your list.

Mobile home investing requires planning and more planning. But stick with it, it is a worthwhile investment!

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