Carrying its own special excitement, a beautiful mobile home renovation begins with an idea that sparks the imagination. This spark propels the homeowner into the search and compilation of ideas and materials to bring these ideas into reality.

Beautiful Mobile Homes That Will Inspire You To Renovate Yours - Featured Image

A mobile home renovation may be as simple as a new touch of exterior paint. On another level, it may be as complicated as pulling out your old flooring and installing something new. Whatever you choose to do will entail its own set of challenges, but the extra effort is rewarding.

In hopes of assisting in your renovation journey, we’ve compiled an array of beautiful mobile homes to help evoke inspiration.

Beautiful mobile homes to inspire

As you sift through the following beautiful mobile homes, don’t allow discouragement to set in if you find all these ideas overwhelming. It’s imperative that you realize, big changes don’t always happen in a day. If you take on one small remodeling project here and there, you’ll see a big change over time. And as you’ll see with us, oftentimes it’s the tiniest pop in color or light fixture that can contribute towards a huge change in look.

1 – Chic mobile home

Chic Mobile Home

Image credit: DEASY/PENNER & PARTNERS via HouseBeautiful & Curbed

Visions of cozy afternoons sipping tea and pouring through the pages of a good book come to mind after reviewing this gem of a home. The white trim and wraparound white porch provide the perfect accent to the home’s charming blue siding.

From the outside, this home may appear small, but the inside has a spacious air about it with the high ceilings. View photos of the interior here. Open space between the kitchen and living room also contribute to this open air vibe.

There is plenty of remodeling inspiration to draw from this home. The built-in fireplace and bookshelves add to the open space’s inviting ambiance. The balanced accents of darker colors on the island, chairs, and flooring give a sense of stability to this bright home.

2 – Back patio entertaining haven

Deceptively small in appearance, the entrance is no way to properly assess this mobile home’s highlights. Enter in, and we can point out what causes this home to exhibit its charm.

Spanning the kitchen, dining, and living room, the open area gives this home a big interior feel.

Note that the lighting fixtures contribute to this home’s classy atmosphere. Wood flooring, granite counter tops, and touches of black in the furniture and door handles contribute to a great sense of style.

3 – A mobile home with an entrance

As simple as it may seem, this house would not seem as grand without the angled off wide steps leading up to the double door entrance. We’d also like to bring your attention to the ample space at the top of the stairs. It’s a nice touch for chairs and potted plants.

Adding a nice flair, the home’s front steps are built into two front yard gardening spots that lie against the home’s front exterior. The stone garden boxes give off a nice touch.

In the back of this lovely mint home, the stone motif is carried forth as a barrier between the back patio area and the landscaping. This home was designed with a clear bent on hospitality in mind.

4 – Inviting open spaces

181 Paradise Cove Mobile Home

Image found at Malibu Mobile Homes

Along with the open space and high ceilings, we once again see lighting fixtures giving a home an extra level of quality. The variety of textures in this home’s features and furniture gives the home its own character. We have different wood species or stain in the counter’s siding, the table, stools, desk, and flooring.

Outside, we have more wood material for the deck and bench. But we also have outdoor stone flooring and iron chairs. There’s a great sense of unity and diversity pulling together for a unique look.

5 – Wide plank oak floors and ample deck space

This Malibu home has a more eclectic style with its glimpses of modern art, black cabinets and accents, hints of old world style, and burlap carpeting.

172 Paradise Cove Mobile Home

Image found at Malibu Mobile Homes

If this is more your style, notice the kitchen cabinets’ black color and the door trim throughout the house bring it all together. The countertops are also black. Interestingly, the lighting fixtures are a mix up of modern and old world.

Bonus: Boxy doesn’t have to connote dingy

Even though some mobile homes have a boxy style, with a little effort, these homes can provide the eyes with an appealing charm. Take this home for example. In front, we have a big deck with plants growing around the skirting. Mobile home skirting is a wonderful way to conceal the exposed underside of your home.

The home’s exterior is accented with a pop of color, granting it a fun vacation-like feel. This is especially noticed with the umbrella and chairs being the first things you see when you pull up.

Inside, creamy interior walls and carpet, coupled with wicker furniture contribute further to the home’s relaxed look.

246 Paradise Cove Mobile Home Interior

Image found at Malibu Mobile Homes

In the backyard, the homeowners opted to embrace nature to the fullest. Painted wood stair steps lead to ground mostly untouched by concrete. The tall wooden fence provides this little getaway the privacy warranted for a relaxing evening.

Which of these features inspired you?

Regardless of your current situation, we made it a point to bring up renovation inspiration for time and budget constraints of all shapes and sizes. It’s possible you’re in a season where you may wish to start with some small changes and build up. That’s perfectly fine!

As you work on your remodel, it may be helpful to know the secret to creating mobile homes that look like houses.

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