You may be scouring the world wide web for information that answers the question, “are mobile homes safe?” The stereotype that surrounds the mobile home is often that of being blown away by the wind. But is that an accurate representation of the mobile home’s sturdiness?

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Pictures of torn up mobile homes come to mind in high-risk hurricane areas. Naturally, this is a disconcerting image. And it comes as no surprise that you want to be sure you’re placing your family in a safe home.

Your family’s safety is nothing to trifle with, so kudos to you that you’re asking the important questions. Not to mention, it’s an investment nonetheless. And you want to make wise investments.

Are mobile homes safe? Answers to a variety of concerns

We would argue that, yes, mobile homes are safe. But rather than state that as a fact, let’s discuss the qualifiers to such an answer. You can see for yourself the why behind our answer. From there, you can make up your own mind.

Can a mobile home roof handle the weight of snow?

This question is dependent on an important factor — the location the mobile home was built for. Mobile homes are built to meet particular requirements for a zone. For example, if a mobile home is made for a zone three area, then it will be able to withstand high winds.

In an area that deals with heavy snow, your mobile home’s roof will be built to withstand the weight of the snow for that area. This is called roof load zone requirements.

In the HUD code, the roof load levels are determined by the pounds per square foot of snow that must be carried. Meeting the roof load requirements according to the zone is mandatory in the HUD code.

Are they highly flammable?

In today’s construction standards, you’ll find that mobile homes are safe when it comes to dealing with fire. The HUD code requires the use of materials that don’t encourage a fire to spread.

House on fire

Like with any home, a mobile home is susceptible to fire. And as such, you are wise to have a working smoke alarm in whatever type of house you live in.

What about high winds?

According to a KAIT8 interview with Dick Moore of Dick Moore Homes, it’s all about finding the right mobile home made for your zone. And then you need to ensure it’s properly set and tied down to a foundation.

Once it’s properly set in place, it’s your job to use wisdom. People need to evacuate site-built homes in bad weather, you may need to do the same in your mobile home.

Additionally, you may consider having a basement put in before you move the mobile onto your property. This will give your family added protection and a sturdier and safer haven from tornadoes. You won’t be the first mobile home owner to have a basement built.

HUD laws changed the face of mobile home safety

So we’ve answered the question, “are mobile homes safe?” But now it’s time to look at the history of mobile home safety. The concerns that have been raised about mobile home safety are not without cause.

The bar continues to be raised

Historically, mobile homes really did cater to the stigma of shoddy craftsmanship and cheap materials. But thanks to the advent of the HUD laws in the 1970s, mobile home manufacturers were compelled to raise the bar.

But it didn’t stop there. Manufacturers continue to see the value in providing their customers with the highest quality housing they can muster. Their systems are continually refined with quality in mind. Programs such as EnergyStar provide an added impetus for manufacturers to provide energy efficient homes.

Materials aren’t what they once were

And thanks to the HUD code, mobile home materials have also been changed and refined to meet fire safety regulations. Homes are built to withstand the weather their specific zones are known to face. It’s not just about affordable construction materials.

Construction men working at construction site

While affordability continues to make mobile homes a popular housing option, quality is no longer sacrificed.

Make safety a priority!

So we’ve answered the question, “are mobile homes safe?” Now it’s up to you to weigh the ideas shared here and make a decision that’s right for you and your loved ones.

It’s one thing to talk about mobile home safety. It’s another topic altogether to discuss mobile home community safety. For the latter, it’s certainly a team effort on the part of all who live and thrive in the mobile home park, beginning with park management.

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