Even if you love where you live in your mobile home, you may still find yourself looking to sell your lot and move on. Whether you’re changing jobs or trying to move closer to family, it may be time to put down roots elsewhere. Thus, it’s time for another happy mobile home dweller to take possession of your mobile home lot. And you want to connect with this buyer. You don’t anticipate they’ll just happen to knock on your door, so you want to be proactive about finding them.

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Be sure you have the green light

When it’s time to sell off that mobile home lot, make sure you know what permissions you need to have. If you have a lot in a mobile home park co-op, check with your park board or read any documents that have been made available to you. Are you required to notify your board or get permission in some way?

Finding that mobile home lot buyer

As a seller, you can prepare things on your end. However, even if you have all your ducks in a row, there’s still a crucial element the situation needs—a buyer. So involving a buyer in your situation is obviously important. Let’s dive into some things you could do to make it known that your mobile home lot is available for sale.

When it comes to advertising and selling your mobile home lot, here are some things you could consider. See if you think any would be helpful for your situation.

  1. Think about getting your mobile home lot on a mobile home website (or more than one) where other lots are listed.
  2. Consider harnessing the power of word of mouth. In other words, if you have an available lot, let friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances know. Not only may one of them be interested, but they may also know others who could be interested.

What will buyers see?

Home exterior in a storm at night

  1. Get good photos. Who’s going to be inspired to buy your mobile home lot if you take a picture of it on a drizzly, gloomy day after a week of rain has turned the yard into a temporary muddy mess? Right, you get the idea—try to take a picture that accurately presents your lot in all its glory.   
  2. Be sure your photos reflect any updates you’ve made to the property. Suppose you have pictures that you took last year when you were on your annual hunting trip to your scenic mobile home lot. You think they look great, but what they don’t show is that you’ve since had a dock put in (and bought a boat slip). Why not invest the time to go back and get pictures of those “pluses.”
  3. Make your advertisements look & sound good. If you’re going to be printing up a paper to post (or even putting an ad on a local classifieds website), consider putting in the time to put your mobile home lot’s best foot forward. Check your grammar and spelling. Additionally, make sure your photos are good and that your poster (or post) is attractive.

Where might the buyers find out about you?

  1. Identify where possible buyers might be. When you purchased your lot, how did you find out about it? Where do you think potential buyers might find out about it? You may be able to post it on a local library bulletin board, online auction or classifieds websites, or even at local businesses (with permission, of course).
  2. Get help from your mobile home park co-op. If your lot is in a co-op, ask about putting the word out on their website or social media accounts.
  3. Be polite and professional. If anyone contacts you and is interested, be sure to be kind and polite whether you’re corresponding by phone, email, text message, or in person.

Let them know what there is to like

Luxurious swimming pool outdoors

  1. Tell what’s available in the nearby area. Are there incredible parks nearby or excellent hunting/fishing areas with easy access? Then, by all means, say so. In short, be sure to give potential buyers a heads up about things that could be selling points.
  2. And say what’s available in the park. From pools to golf courses to gyms to community gardens, let buyers know about mobile home park amenities.
  3. Mention other local advantages. If you’re conveniently close to a major interstate, consider saying so. (You may even choose to list commute times to local cities).
  4. Also, are there any restrictions to let buyers know about? Is a single wide allowed, but a double-wide would be a no-go? Then, make that clear. No sense in wasting your time or theirs on a situation that wouldn’t be feasible.
  5. Unleashing your imagination may be an option, too. Do you think the lot would be perfect for weekend getaways, a hunting cabin, or a quiet retirement? Why not list the possibility in your ad?

Keep those wheels turning

If you’re selling the mobile home lot but planning to scrap the home, check out our How To Sell A Mobile Home For Scrap And What You Can Expect. Or, perhaps you’re simply looking to sell your mobile home, not scrap it. And if you’re keeping the mobile home but moving it to greener pastures, take a moment for our How To Find The Perfect Mobile Home Space For Your Home.

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Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade. His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.