There are a few things in life that are more unsightly than an abandoned mobile home. Its rickety doors and siding that’s all but fallen off will break the spell of any serene view. An abandoned mobile home is simply rusty, ugly, and unnecessary. It’s a haven to vermin.

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Its sheer size makes an abandoned mobile home quite the cumbersome problem.

So you’re here because you’re asking yourself one taxing question: “What can I do with an abandoned mobile home on my land?”

What can I do with an abandoned mobile home on my land?

“I have an abandoned mobile home on my land,” you say. Well, we have a few ideas brewing on how to best grapple with this issue. We think you’ll find at least one idea helpful and pertinent to your problem and situation.

Donate the abandoned mobile home

Before you cart that thing to a dump, how about seeing if your mobile home can serve one last purpose? You can call up a variety of places.

Fire departments may find interest in using your home for a practice drill with controlled fire. This is a worthy cause if repairs are not worth the pain. In some cases, the fire department may give you a tax deduction on your donation.

However, if the home seems to have some life left in it, there are organizations that will gladly take the home off your hands. Churches may be open to taking it as extra housing setup for visiting missionaries and ministers.

You may need to acquire the title for the donation to work. Direction on how to find a title for your abandoned mobile home can be found here.

Embrace a fixer-upper project

If anything, your mobile home may be the perfect main ingredient for a housing project. It could be a worthy fixer-upper. With a little elbow grease on your part, you could have an extra home on your property.

Workers drilling a screw into a piece of plank wood

Such an arrangement comes with its perks. You could lease the mobile home out as a way to bring extra income into your bank account. Or you could simply maintain it as a guest house for extended family. This will give you and your guests ample breathing room and space.

Sell it – place ads online and in the paper

Alternatively, you could simply sell your mobile home. Depending on the condition of the mobile home, you may only get $200 out of it. If it’s in some decent condition, you could get several thousand. Whatever the case, it is a solution – a way to get it off your hands and off your property.

Begin by placing ads in the newspaper or online marketplace. You never know what sale may turn up as a result.

Call a “mobile home for cash” buyer

There are several contractors out there who are looking to buy a mobile home for cash. You’ll often find their numbers in the paper or in online classifieds. Reach out to them and see what sort of offer they could make on your abandoned mobile home.  

Dismantle the mobile home

“There’s an abandoned mobile home on my land – can I simply dump it?”

So maybe it’s time for a dump run. Take note that a dump run may be pricier than simply selling or donating it. Your local civil government may require that you purchase a permit for dismantling the mobile home and hauling it to a dump.

Have mobile home movers relocate the home to a dump

Another thought is to call a mobile home moving company to take it to a dump as a whole. Unfortunately, moving a mobile home can be a costly endeavor. You’re looking at $1000 to $5000 to move it a short distance. $15,000 if you’re moving it a long distance. And these numbers are mere estimates. Things may vary from location to location.

An abandoned piece of land with abandoned trailer

In addition to that, who knows what repairs to the axles will be imposed on you for safely moving it.

Think before you get rid of it

In answer to, “what can I do with an abandoned mobile home on my land?” we hope we’ve helped by offering some hands-on solutions to your problem. The sooner you deal with the abandoned mobile home, the better. By having an abandoned mobile home on your property, you’re attracting vermin and vagabonds. The abandoned property also has a penchant for attracting children who could get hurt by playing in your dilapidated mobile home. The best thing you can do is repair, dump, or sell the mobile home. Donating it is another option to consider.

If you think remodeling the abandoned mobile home is a worthy task, then check out our mobile home remodel guide here.

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